Nov 30, 1977 (Age: 46)
Real Name
scrap metal, recycling, Grupo Chaco
I grew up in TorreĆ³n, Coahuila Mexico. I was a student for a few years in the USA during middle and high school to learn better English. I also attended the University of Texas in San Antonio for 2 years. Today I go back and forth from Piedras Negras where I have my business, to my house in San Antonio. In between I try to do as much fishing and gardening as I can.
Favorite Food
EVERYTHING from sushi to tripa tacos
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
Indio beer
Chili... Beans or No Beans?
Favorite Hot Pepper
Favorite Hot Sauce
grilled tomato & hot peppers with raw onion lime cilantro
Favorite BBQ Sauce
chimichurri and grilled tomatillos w/ grilled peppers, chopped not blended
Favorite BBQ Food
grilled meat and veggies "carne asada" style
Share a Recipe
Roast 10 tomatillos in broiler, grill or stove top, half of a red bell pepper and 2 cloves of garlic until skin is blackened and tomatillos are soft to touch. Reconstitute a handful of dried catarina chiles in simmering chicken stock. Strain catarinas and blend all ingredients in blender. Season with salt and a pinch of Knorr Suiza(Mexican favorite) chicken stock powder.
Grow List
Trinidad super hot varieties (1st time growing hotter than habaneros), native Mexican piquin (grows wild).
Seeds Wanted
none in particular, anything hot that tastes good or very different.
Seeds Available For Trade
I have catarina seeds and pods from the markets of central and southern Mexico, since I haven't found them in northern Mexico and they are my favorite dried chile.


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