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    favorite Help me decide what to grow!

    I like your choices. The KSLS is also a good one worth considering. They aren't on your seed list, but you might consider Jamaican Mushroom, Mattapeno, Antep Aci Dolma, NuMex Orange Spice Jalapeno, Buena Mulata, or Fish pepper for an annuum type.
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    flavor Pumpkin Bubblegum tasted TERRIBLE.

    Bummer. I grew Aji Omnicolor from CPI seeds years ago. I grew out several plants because I had heard good things about it, and all of them grew true. If you decide to try again, maybe consider using CPI's seeds.
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    seeds What to do differently when germinating baccatum and chinense vs annuums?

    I don't do anything differently when germinating baccatum and chinense seeds. If you are having a lot of helmet heads, then I suggest planting the seeds slightly deeper next time. That is not always the case. Yes, superhot varieties sometimes seem to take forever to germinate. I think the...
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    shopping Seed sellers in Europe

    +1 for both of these vendors. I have had good results with both.
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    pod Brazilian Starfish?!?!

    I have had Starfish pods with very little heat, but then some significantly spicier pods also came off of the same plant. I would wait for a few more pods to ripen and see if you don't get some with some heat.
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    It looks to me like your seedlings died from damping off. I would not re-use the contaminated soil from the cups they were in.
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    seeds Seeds received.

    I have had good luck with their seeds in the past. They seem to be a pretty reliable source for pepper seeds.
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    plant YELP! Dont know what these peppers are?! PLEASE HELP ME :)

    The calyx looks kind of big to be a chinense variety, so I am thinking it might be a Jamaican Mushroom.
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    breeding Learning about saving hybrid seeds and creating my own variety

    The latter. Seeds from the larger pods won't be genetically superior to seeds from the smaller pods growing on the same plant. Here is a slideshow about saving pepper seeds that I found on the UC Davis website that you might find informative...
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    seeds Primeros red yellow?

    I wouldn't say they get "watered down". It is just that the F1 hybrids will show their dominant genes: F1 Hybrids. F2 onwards is when the recessive genes can start to show themselves (like yellow pods instead of red, for example). So you can potentially end up with something very different than...
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    seeds Primeros red yellow?

    According to Bonnie Plants website, The Primero Red Habanero is a hybrid variety. Companies like Bonnie seem to like selling new hybrid varieties, since the F1s (first generation plants) can be very consistent, and they can sometimes have good disease resistance. The big downside for seed...
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    preservation Drying frozen peppers?

    Yes, you can freeze your peppers now then dry and make powder from them later. I have done it. It works just fine.
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    storage If i take the seeds out of my jalapeno a keep it in storage for next year will they grow or will they be dead. (im a newbie)

    They will grow. Let them air dry on the counter or somewhere for a week or two, then store them in a cool, dry place and they should be more than fine after just one year. I like to store mine in the fridge in ziploc baggies. Last season, I started some pepper seeds that I had saved back in 2016...
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    favorite What is your favorite Baccatum Chili and why?

    Brazilian Starfish is my favorite Baccatum so far, and it is one of my favorite peppers to snack on straight off the plant as well. It has a very sweet and fruity flavor. The burn is mild enough to be pleasant, but still spicy enough to remind you that you are eating a pepper. Approximately...
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    indoor Do any of you have tips of growing jalapenos and bell peppers inside over the winter? I need some item recommendations too.

    What is it that you are trying to do? Are you trying to keep the plants growing and fruiting through the winter, or are you just trying to keep them alive until spring? First, you should probably read through the thread about overwintering...