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  • looking 4 sum seeds of dry pepper from different areas of the world if u can please
    take a look at my profile 4 ill trade thx
    just wanna let you know that the seeds you sent arrived safely. thank you again! will send you local variety seeds as soon as i find true seeds.
    i have already sown them today. =D
    Sure Brito, when you have some new variety I be glad to have some.Take care my friend.
    I have some two or three unknown Maybe you'll like.
    I'm with some small wild seedlings that came from New Zealand and when they are producing, I'll send seeds for you if you want of course.
    Just let me know.
    Hi Vladan, I hope you have enjoyed your vacation and be fully rested for a new season.
    I believe the Neyde will be very happy when she receives yours seeds.
    now still have neither a special variety of peppers, I think that all which are currently producing in my planting, you should have.
    Please take a look at my Picasa album and see if any is from your interest.
    Yes Brito
    I just come back from vacation,Myrtle Beach, South Carolina today & I sent her lot of seeds. Hope you guys send me some new variety as well.
    Hi Vladan my friend,
    I recieved a new package with a lot of seeds yesterday.
    Thank you again guy.
    By the way, have you recieved the seeds from Neyde? has she gotten in touch with you?
    You are very welcome Brito my friend . I'm going on vacation in Murtle beach in South Carolina for 10 days talk to you when I come back.Take care!
    You are very welcome my friend.Take care, I'm going on vacation this Saturday for 10 days in Murtle beach in South Carolina talk tou you when I came back.

    I'm sorry I missed your private message you sent me. It came across as a "visitor message" and was in a different section than I usually check for e-mail. I'm not sure why it comes this way.

    I am doing pretty well. I've been busy keeping up the garden, planting, etc. The weather has gotten quite warm here (93 deg last week). It's a nice 80 degrees and sunny now this week. I love it.

    How are you doing? Did Ze Maria send those Murupi seeds yet? I'm looking forward to growing them a lot!

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