Real Name
Grow List
Looking to start soon! :)
Favorite Hot Pepper
Tabasco, Choc. Fatali, Douglah, Choc. Reaper, BBM
Seeds Available For Trade
Hoping to be a valued member some day! :D
Favorite Hot Sauce
Tabasco or mixed Tabasco Naga based.
Seeds Wanted
Fatali, Choc. Fatali [ seriously in love with the choc. Fatali ], Choc. Hab. , Big Black Momma, Carolina Reaper, Douglah, Tabasco, Cayanne, Red Peter, 7 pot, King Naga.
Favorite Food
up for debate
Favorite BBQ Food
Spare ribs
Disabled Vet.
Favorite BBQ Sauce
Anything smokey and sweet
Chili... Beans or No Beans?
No Beans
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
Cream Soda
Med. disabled USAF C-130 crew chief looking to start back into the hot pepper world!
Anything Else
My outdoor soil is garbage, I have tried to reclaim, honest! I am a container grower.