February 28
Real Name
Les L Clary
Land Surveyor; Semi-Pro Football Coach
Company Name
Lost Texan Salsa Co.
I was offered a job on a project in Phoenix, AZ in 2005, and (being addicted to very good Austin, Tx local salsas) thought "great! They should have some great salsa and food with all the Mexican and Am. Indian influenced food out there! Perfect!"

...and once there, discovered that they did have some wonderful foods... but after searching for almost 3 months realized (for lack of a better way to say it) that their salsas sucked! began to start making the one i had done back home for the family for weekend BBQ's, get togethers and the football teams i Coached for.

By the time i left to return home to Texas in 2007 for another job, i was selling about 15 gal. per week to co-workers in Phoenix... and now that i'm back in TX again, i've been selling/giving away about 60+/- quarts of my salsa at local farmer markets and festivals.

I've been approached by several stores who want to carry it, but i've turned them down (and being up front with them about it) that at this point it is still experimental, and needs to go through all the steps to do it right and proper with the health dept, etc.

I came up with the name of the company/salsa when i first arrived in Phoenix, someone at work asked "'re a Texan and moved to Arizona? What are you... lost?"

I found this site in researching what i need to do to get everything "above board" and in the stores. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
Favorite Food
fresh salsa, shrimp, fajitas
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
iced tea
Favorite Hot Pepper
Serrano... a versatal taste and heat to work with
Favorite Hot Sauce
my own
Favorite BBQ Sauce
Favorite BBQ Food
Grow List
Bhut jolokias (4th year), serranos, Congo Black, tepin, pequins, Thai ornamentals
Anything Else
Semi-Pro Football Coach; father of 5 adult kids and grandfather of 9; "day job" as the Surveyor, Quality Control Mgr and Safety Officer for a heavy construction company (bridges, locks & dams).


Lost Texan Salsa Company