Jan 1, 1955 (Age: 69)
Real Name
Favorite Food
Lentil Soup (my mother's recipe)
Chili... Beans or No Beans?
Favorite Hot Pepper
Brazilian Starfish
Favorite Hot Sauce
enjoying my own simple concoctions right now
Favorite BBQ Food
Grow List
2016 grow list
Corbaci Sweet
Zololisty - no germination
Sugar Rush Cream - no germination
Cream Fatalii
Aji Jobito
Aji Rosita Yellow - no germination
Aji Rosita Red
Aji Margariteno
Aji Pepon - no germination
Aji Llaneron - no germination
Pimenta Barra do Ribeiro
Brazilian Starfish
Bolsa de Dulce
Ethiopian Brown
El Oro de Ecuador
CAP 267
Aji Angelo
Big Jim (World Record but not likely in my garden)
Bhut Jolokia White
Queen Laurie
Serrano (sweet)
Devil's Tongue Red
Tepin x Lemon Drop F4
Pimenta de Neyda
Wild Brazil
Galapagos Red x CNG 21500
Trinidad Scorpion Yellow CARDI
Slonovo Uvo
Lemon Drop
Pimenta L
Early Jalapeno
Sante Fe Grande
Ecuadorian Sweet Rocato - germinated but then no growth

2015 prelim list
Corbaci Sweet
Mini Choc Bell

Bolsa de Dulce
Brazilian Starfish
Fatalii Cream

El Oro de Ecudor
Queen Laurie
Trinadad Sweet
Tepin x LD
Hot White Scorpion Tongue
Tunisian Baklouti
Cumari do Para
Beni Highlands
Black Dragon Tongue
Manzano, yellow
Tiger's Teeth

MoA Scotch Bonnet
7 Pot Yellow

2014: (still working on this so additions/deletions likely will occur)

7 Pot Bubblegum
7 Pot White
Aji Dulce Yellow
Aji Lemon Drop
Aji Omnicolor x unknown baccatum
Ancient Sweet
Brazilian Starfish
Bolsa de Dolce
C. chacoense
C. galapagoense (if I'm lucky - I wasn't, it's deceased)
Cherry Bomb
Creme Fatalii
Fatalii x Red Savina(justaguy)
Jamaican Gold
Mako Kokoo (SanPatricio)
Manzano (smokemaster)
Queen Laurie
Rain Forest
Seasoning Pepper
Tepin x Lemon Drop (smileyguy697)
Tomato pepper
Urfa Biber

Poblano, Sandia, Black Hungarian, Lemon Drop
and sweets: Orange Bell and Corno di Toro Rosso
Seeds Available For Trade
Thanks to the generosity of THP members (and my wife's tolerance at my pepper dissection/seed saving/drying obsession this past summer) I have a host of varieties available.


So many peppers, so little time!             GO  BUCKEYES !            Anymore, it seems the only thing I get done quickly is get older
New goal in life:   I hope I get grandchildren before I get a walker