February 22
Real Name
Favorite Food
Potatoes any which way, Apples, and Peppers of course!
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
An icy cold beer, a glass of white wine, or a G&T when basking in the post-chilli endorphin glow!
Favorite Hot Pepper
Do I have to choose?
Favorite Hot Sauce
Chimay, Melinda's
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Grow List
*** 2019 ***

- Ecuadorian Brown (C. Chinense)

- Cheiro Creme (C. Chinense)

- Hot Mama Rosso (C. Annuum)

- Guadalupe Black (C. Chinense)

- Naga Morich Salmone x Etna F2

- Lemon Drop (C. Baccatum)

- Bengal Naga Peach (C. Chinense)

- Explosive Ember (C. Annuum)

- Beni Highlands (C. Chinense)

- Mazzetti Arancio Stromboli (C. Annuum)

- Portokolova Fifironka (C. Annuum)

- Devil's Tongue Chocolate (C. Chinense)
Seeds Wanted
- Mulato Isleno (C. Annuum)

- Turkish Snake (C. Annuum)
Seeds Available For Trade
Aribibi Gusano (Caterpillar Pepper, C. Chinense)

Goronong (C. Chinense)

Sepia Serpent (C. Chinense)

Hot Mama Arancio (C. Annuum)

Cabe Rawit (C. Annuum)

Explosive Ember (C. Annuum)

Machu Pichu (C. Chinense)

Ecuadorian Brown (C. Chinense)

Cheiro Creme (C. Chinense)

Clavo Peach (C. Chinense)

Fatalii Red (C. Chinense)

Nitan (C. Chinense)

Zanzibar (C. Chinense)

Hot Portugal

Orange Habanero (C. Chinense)




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