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    Flowers on very young plant?

    they're flowering because of stress.  How large are those containers?  look a bit small but it's hard to tell.  Go ahead and stop watering until they start to wilt, then water them, document that time interval.  If it's 5 days from last water to wilt, water them every 4 days.  Letting them wilt...
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    heat loving sweet pepper

    Looking to grow a new sweet pepper this year (sub 1,000 scoville).  The hot peppers flourish but man, california wonders grow for crap in the Alabama summer.  Any suggestions?  We're typically in the 75-95 degree range all summer, pretty high humidity.
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    pics Harvest

    do you harvest your pods before they fully ripen because they look cool or is there another reason?
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    Experiment: What happens if you do absolutely nothing at all

    When I started gardening this is what I did, planted the store bought plants in the bed, didn't touch them.  The result was small plants, low yield.  If you want to do a proper experiment, you want to have one plant growing without any interference and another with interference, in the same type...
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    What kind of bug/insect is this?

    Thanks!  I'll give those a shot next season.
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    selling superhots

    anyone ever sell their superhots?  I live in a medium sized city and it's nearly impossible to find any fresh around here for some reason.  I have someone offering me $1 a reaper, might sell him some of my extras.
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    pics Harvest

    Garden is cranking them out now.
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    Can I grow peppers now?

    I run 4 T5 fluorescent bulbs, it cost me around $8 a month in Alabama, can't speak for Estonia.  I can grow 4-6 mature plants with this setup.     If you're growing indoors and can control the temp, you can grow whenever you want.
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    peppers rotting on tips

    is your bed on an impervious surface or are you using a weed barrier under it?  If you're just using a weed barrier, after your plants are done for the season just dig it out and till up the soil underneath it.
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    I.D These "Reapers" please?

    I bought reaper seeds from Amazon not long ago and got the exact same peppers as OP.  Not sure why this particular pepper is getting mixed up with Reapers but it seems to happen constantly from multiple sources.
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    Created My First Super Hot Strain, Help Me Name It :)

    ok... how about Colon Cleaner Liquid Plumber Midnight Emergency Late Night Encore  or the most eloquent name, Ass Blaster     :rolleyes:
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    Why are my Poblano flowers dropping off?

    Often the early flowers will drop off, can't do anything about it.  The weather can make them drop off, can't do anything about it.  Are the plants healthy?  Are they growing?  If so, don't change a damn thing and just keep going.  If you try to force a healthy plant to flower/fruit, chances are...
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    seeds Seed saving and pod type question

    the individual pod makes NO difference at all, don't worry about that.  What you need to concentrate on is harvesting seeds from the plant that has the overall best pod quality and quantity.  Keep in mind, if there are other types of peppers nearby, there's a very good chance you could get some...
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    Why am I getting Carolina reapers so late?

    I saw that, can they even grow peppers in that arctic tundra??? :) He was responding to OP who also lives in 7b so if he's starting reapers in March and doing everything properly, there's no reason he shouldn't see ripe pods by August at the latest.