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    Happy New Year THP Members

    Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!!  Let the Old out and the New in!!!  Hope everyone has a healthy, prosperous and HOT New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    commercial-kichen I think I have a kitchen!!!!

    The rates do go down for "Off-Peak" hours and if you commit to 30 or more hours a month and the $24 is for the bake/cook/bottle station...The prep station is $20 per peak hour ($16 off-peak)....I would probably rent during Off-Peak hours to save on money but I am also a night person anyway.
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    Buying Bulk Peppers

    Anyone have a good source for buying fresh Habaneros and Ghost Peppers by the pound (I am going to need a few pounds of each) I will need to do a few purchases of peppers to keep production until my peppers are ready to be picked....I fell into a STEAL of a Deal!!!!  I know a guy who owns 4 30'...
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    commercial-kichen I think I have a kitchen!!!!

    I found this commercial kitchen located in Cleveland Ohio!!!  $24 per hour to rent ($20 non peak hours)  The help ya every step of the way!!! I am starting to get excited!!!!  Here is their website: . Very nice people full of information!!!!!
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    Secret bottle source?

    Due to the fact that is a local company to me...I use Cleveland Bottle and supply.
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    Scaling a recipe....

     will ask them about the kettle, thanks again!!
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    preservation Using vinegar but without the vinegar taste

    I tried one that was Serreno Honey was sweet slightly spicy but so good!!!!  the strawberry balsamic was really good too!  The pineapple coconut oil really got my mind working.
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    Scaling a recipe....

    My recipe is currently a 2 gallon recipe and the kitchen I found has a 20 gallon kettle.  I am going to make a 2 gallon batch here at home and weigh everything out and convert it over....go light on the "bold" flavors (ie salt, vinegar, etc) always can add more but cant remove once added...
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    Scaling a recipe....

    I cannot afford to use a co-packer so I found I kitchen to rent.  I know that to scale a recipe you don't just multiply it end up with an unedible pot of goooooh!!!!  Do I convert all my measurements to weights (grams) due to the fact everything weighs different i.e. 1 cup of...
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    bottling Bottling system better than funnel?

    I know of a very well known hot sauce maker that started out useing a 5 gallon pail with a food grade spout with a tube attached to it to fill his bottles......just an idea...
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    preservation Using vinegar but without the vinegar taste

    Sorry it's been so long since I've been here (life happens).......Anyway today the Family and I went to a winter festival in Medina Ohio. While walking around the square we visited several lil shops and one of them was named "The Olive Tap". We went in and HOLY COW!!!!!  All different flavor...
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    fermenting Pepper Mash vs. fresh peppers

    Would the use of pepper mash alter the flavor of a sauce? I have always used fresh peppers for my sauces but now that I am advancing and producing larger batches it seems that mash is easier to get and more cost effective. Also how much variations would there be in the quantity produced?
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    event June 15th-16th Medina Rib Burnoff!!!

    Looking forward to next weekend!! uummmm I dunno why the Pig is eating ribs....lmao!!! Gonna be a good time!
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    event June 15th-16th Medina Rib Burnoff!!!

    Pete (the promoter) Just updated his poster...They added another band.....SALIVA
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    event 2012 Jungle Jim's Weekend of Fire

    That show is one hell of a good time!!! I have gone the last 3 years in a row!!