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  • Dirt. Man I'm jealous. Well we could always just eat peppers and sweat when we run out of conversion.
    And we do have lots of good dirt!! My tomatoes usually go crazy with out a lot of help, so I'm hoping peppers will do the same come spring time!
    Certainly!! Although I'm not sure how much I'd have to offer in the conversation- I'm still digging through the forums trying to figure this stuff out!
    Well we'll have to hook up some time and talk chilis. I bet you actually have dirt where you live. I have to grow hydroponically and in buckets. :)
    I live in Marshall, just north of Sedalia, and teach in Slater which is the next town to the north east. I'm some what familiar with your neck of the woods- every one here goes to the lake, plus a buddy and I usually do a winter hike in LotO state park!
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