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  • Hey bro! Glad to see you kicking around the forum again :D It has been quite a while and i though that you had dissapeared!
    I am going on a trip with Hippy (Neil) tomorrow to Nimbin. They have a pot festival there each year and have invited him to have a chilli stall there, whats better than stoned people with the munchies to sell food to!!

    What have you been up to whilst away from this place?
    Hey burn trying to reach you but keep getting booted.Be glad to send to you the seeds.have a good one. Rich
    Another miss you post here buddy, sure hope you are alright and having fun doin whatever it is you doin!
    Where have you disappeared ? We want to see some updates from your A+ garden!! :)
    Yo, Eb I'll be in Grand Rapids some time in May, with my folks and I was wondering if it be cook for you and your girl to show us a cool place to eat that's good but only the locals know about?
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