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  • Hey was wondering what type of dries pods you have? just looking to sample few superhots/interesting varieties....pretty open.
    Only thing I have to offer are Joloro, purple Jalapenos, and a ton of Fresno seeds. Also random oddball stuff laying around the house.
    Hey if hot doesn`t hit me back can you foward back once again the addy i`ve got to send to.Sorry to old to be a child but ! lol Thanks
    Thanks for the add.If you do start another pack going the other way I can add 12 to 15 types to it also.Let me know if so.have a great 1. rich
    Hey so what is the final list?If in nice to know and not then nice to know. have a great 1 Rich
    Ok for starters-
    hawaii sweet hot
    carribean red
    orange hab
    vietnames tear jerker
    bhut jolokia
    red fatali
    choc hab
    7-pot barrackpore
    rocoto manzano
    douglah sr
    Think I can throw in atleast 30 per type and as this rounds around will keep adding.Got 42 more types but lets get it going. Rich
    If this...
    Hey as for the parcel.I can right now add at least 40 types - min of 50 seeds each.Thia will need to make it `s round a second time .I`f it`s on let me know. Rich
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