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  • Did a quick check, I can spare a few Fatalii's. Also got plenty Douglah's left (really hot but hear they don't taste that great). Could even part with a few bih jolokias.
    Hi HR. No problem. I'm out of a lot of the popular stuff, like Bih Jolokia, Scorpion and I think 7 pot (need to check), but I'm still pretty good on most of the others. Both SB's are pretty low though. Let me know what you want I'll throw something together for ya.
    Hello HR. Wondering how your looking so far as seeds go? If your short, drop me a line. I’ll send you whatever your interested in, free of charge….provided I have any left. Your not the only Newbie I’ve offered seeds…just an FYI. Welcome and Good growing to you!
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