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  • They're doing really well mate! Already had around 50 pods off of them, the rest of the pods are just starting to ripen up.
    Here's a few pics:


    How have yours done so far this year?
    Didn't realise you install aquariums! Guessing the bigger kind from your photo. I have kept freshwater and marine for a long while but had to give it up last year when I moved to the flat. I bought a pico made by TMC but not set it up yet!
    Thanks for message Daz.
    I am aware of most countries and their weather conditions(I do a lot of studying since I don't work - yesterday I studied Coasta Rica).
    0C is our fall weather, -15 to -30C is our normal winter temperature range. Not all of Canada is that cold, the country is very large and has a wide range of patterns.
    I am at the base of the Rocky Mountains.<br ...
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