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    Tarantula Talk

    Hope you don't think I am hijacking Pat, it is tarantula talk after all ;) Thought I'd post some pictures of some of my t's. lampropelma violaceopes - The first two picture are of a Mature female while the last one is of a mature male psalmopoeus cambridgei- I got this guy as a sling...
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    review BrAiN sTrAiN by Pepper Ridge Farm (Cappy) Review

    Cool review man! Seemed pretty comfortable for the first time in front. Well done!
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    Fresh Bhut Jolokia

    I would suggest posting around a little bit and getting to know people before you try to raise funds in return for gifts. Your first post is solicting for money which raises all kinds of red flags for me......On a side note, good luck!
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    More than 80 Hot varieties Pepper

    It raises a red flag for me. Why does someone need to steal pictures of something they sell? Maybe it doesn't bother some people, but for me it is enough to not purchase a thing from them.
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    More than 80 Hot varieties Pepper

    You have permission from the people who's pics you are using?
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    Patricks 2012 Pepper Grow Log

    Nice Patrick. Some seeds will hopefully be planted here soon. Good luck dude, look forward to the pics.
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    Lets hear your best cures for chillies in :your eyes/crutch/backside etc

    Pouring milk in your eyes helps....A LOT. I volunteered to get pepper sprayed for a class and without milk you can open your eyes a tiny bit before you have to close them. Then when milk was poured in, it was incredible how much it helped. Another thing that helps is baby shampoo.
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    Do I Have These Correctly ID'd? (got 'em free, too!)

    Nice peppers you got there but I am just not sure about the yellow 7 and moruga's. If they are what they say, it looks like they were hybridized at some point. nice looking peppers but I would go and get some seeds from someone else if you are wanting to grow them. Nice score!
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    I am back :D

    Oh ok. Yeah I seem to have lost a few seeds, one being any regular trini scorpion. I am going to keep my eyes open for butcht scorpions. Thanks guys!
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    I am back :D

    What about butcht?
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    I am back :D

    Hey guys, It has been awhile. I didn't have any plants last year and just got out of it for a little while. I looked through my pepper seeds and though "What was I thinking?" So here I am. I will have about 6-12 plants this year. I will be planting them in the ground. Quick question for you...
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    seeds THSC Chocolate Bhut - Germination time

    here is how i got them to go for me. I had them in a paper towel ohhh probably about 2 weeks and when i seen some mold starting to grow i put them in soil and got like 2/5
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    Should I grow it?

    a hybrid grows normal just different peppers I'm going to grow it I hope it means an awesome plant we shall see! I have just never seen a plant branch off so early.
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    seeds THSC Chocolate Bhut - Germination time

    I actually culled one today :) surprisingly it is growing fast have patience it is worth it sorry you aren't having luck though I hope they come through soon though good luck!