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    vendor pepperlover.com

      Vidal, estan bien chingonas tus variedades Wild de con Judy. Ingresé al tema para ver las cajas de picantes frescos que envia Judy. lo que daria por poder conseguir una caja bien surtida de hot peppers de con ella. Tu no sabes cuanto salga un envio express a 2 o 3 dias de una caja como estas...
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    vendor Buckeye Pepper Company

    I bought some seeds from buckeye pepper company to Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mex) . I hope arrived them this week.
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    Official Bubblegum 7 Pot thread

    The last year I found seeds for bubble gum 7 pot  in Denmark, I bought  some but  I'm not sure yet  if are true them.   That  is my plant  (is overwintering now).     The first flower.       ---Leo Glz---   "I'm sorry for my bad english"    
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    wanted SLADE'S SEED WANT/TRADE LIST (updated 10/7/2013)

    Hi,  Robert.   Is habanero lucifanero or luciferino?     ---Leo Glz---
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    Good lord these are tasty, CGN 21500

      DesertPod, Nice to meet you too, I have a few free seeds for you.     I'll send you soon a PM.
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    Good lord these are tasty, CGN 21500

    Hi, my english is very poor.  I'm looking seeds for CGN 21500 (buy/swap) with shipping to Mexico (Guadalajara, Jalisco).   I found seeds of them here http://www.rainbowchiliseeds.com/catalog/i625.html  but I don't know that store.     I have antillais caribbean, habanero orange, rocotillo...
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    wanted Looking for Rocopica seeds

    My little rocopica (C. cardenassii x C. pubescens) from cmpman1974.         Thanks Chris    
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    wanted Looking for Rocopica seeds

    Thanks so much Chris.
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    wanted Looking for Rocopica seeds

    Que tal, a mi tambien me da gusto de ver a un paisano en el foro y aparte de mi estado (Jalisco). En este sitio no tengo mucha participacion por ser un foro casi al 100% de idioma ingles. Pero estoy registrado en otros foros latinos o españoles, Luego te mando un MP. Saludos desde...
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    7 Pot Bubblegum pizza :))))))))))

    Amazing pod! I bought 7 pod bubblegum seeds I just hope growing them. --- Leo Glz .---
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    wanted Looking for Rocopica seeds

    I'm mexican from Guadalajara, Jalisco. I looking for rocopica and wild peppers too (capsicum cardenasii, tovarii, C. praetermissum, etc). I have seeds of mexican peppers to swap them. Thanks
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    wanted Looking for Bubblegum 7 Pot seeds

    Hi, Ga Growhead, "Best Way" usually means the cheapest way for them to send, like USPS. And the shipping cost (Best Way) is DDK 12.00 (US$2.50). Regards
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    wanted Looking for Bubblegum 7 Pot seeds

    I don't take a part in the forum (every days) for my poor english, but it was good to help you. Regards
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    wanted Looking for Bubblegum 7 Pot seeds

    Hi, joemomma, look the picture below: ¡ Good luck !
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    'Bubblegum' 7 Pod

    Look here http://www.bh-froe.com/ZC/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id=2848 . The price is US$4.00 per 6 seeds (7 pod bubblegum) and the international shipping cost is US$2.50. I don't know the website, I bought 2 packs for try it.