July 7
Real Name
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
Beer or Milk, not both
Chili... Beans or No Beans?
Favorite Hot Pepper
Bahamian Goat Pepper
Favorite Hot Sauce
TB's Tres Putas Pequin
Grow List
***Malarky 2020***
Aji Amarillo
Aji Oro
Choc Hab
Papa Dreadie SS
Peach Ghost Jami
7pot Primo
Bolivian Rainbow
Seeds Available For Trade
I'm happy to give seeds away if you want to send me a SASE. Just PM me
I may or may not be willing to give/trade certain seeds, depending on my grow plans, etc.

So just ask. But I may say no.

I'll try to give credit where it is due,
though some seed packs may have gotten scrambled...

Thanks to Thegreenchilimonster
Carolina Reaper
7pot Primo-Red
Coyote Zan White
Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion
Trinidad Cherry-Small
Bolsa de Dulce
Tepin x LemonDrop
Aji Limo Rojo
Rocoto Amarillo-Miraflores Market
Peruvian Red Rocoto
Rocoto Rojo-Ariquipeno
Aji Oro
Aji Pacay
Aji Amarillo
Aji Panca
Giant Yellow Rocoto
Giant Red Rocoto
Aji Limo Yellow-1010's
Aji Largo
Turbo Pube
Papa Dreadie SS(good pheno)
Large Red Rocoto
Aji Arnaucho 2017(good pheno)
Aji Dulce
Mini Red Rocoto
and some Huacatay and Culantro seeds

Thanks to Walchit!
Many seeds originated from pods from TexasHotPeppers
due to Andy's tremendous Luck at auction and contests
Chitepin Tuscon
Peach Ghost Jami
Fidalgo Roxa
Sugar Rush-Peach
Sugar Rush-Cream
Sugar Rush-Red
Aji Fantasy-White
BBG7-Red (Bleeding)
7pot Cinder-Bhuter's

Thanks to TexasHotPeppers
(and a little luck of my own)
Bhut Orange Copenhagen
Aji Jobito
Pimenta Moranga del Norte
Aji Crystal (Cristal?)
Komodo Dragon
Aji Mochero (good strain, sent to TGCM, grew true)

Thanks to Bhuter
7pot Cinder-2017 Caramel
Peach Bhut-WickedMike
Brown Rocoto-TGCM
Pimenta de Neyde-WickedMike

Thanks to Stettoman
Texas Pequin
Brazilian Starfish
Aji Amarillo-PaulG 2015
7pot Yellow

Thanks to Mandrake-all the way in Finland
White Bullet Habanero
Sweet Cheese Paprika
Aji Cristal
Tepadeira do Werner

Thanks to Spicegeist
7pot Yellow 2016-#'s 1,2,3 and B1

Thanks to PepperGuru
Rescued Yellow Manzano
Red Foodarama Scotch Bonnet
7pot Yellow

Thanks to BlackFatali
Bishop's Crown -isolated
Lemon Drop -isolated
Trinidad Perfume -OP

Thanks to DurhamBull
Black Pearl
Bolivian Rainbow

Thanks to MasFuego

Thanks to tctenten
Aji Limo-Yellow
Aji Margariteno

Thanks to Slade122
Bahamian Goat ScotchBonnet

Thanks to EvanWilliams1988
(I don't think he's around anymore)
Zimbabwe Bird pepper
Jamaican Hot Chocolate-(indistinguishable from my standard ChocHab)

Thanks to Windchicken
PapaDreadie SS (some good pheno, some crossed)

and then I have a good sized amount of these that I grew out and saved from.
Aji Oro
Bahamian Goat SB
Jamaican Hot Chocolate
Red Savina
Aji Oro- Orange pheno(not sure if it was envioronmental or what but this plant definitely had a more orange pod)