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Cold Pack Pickles *Can be stored up to 2 yrs.
I have been using this Recipe since 1988 exclusively.

Excellent recipe for same day harvest/preserving

Recipe is for 1 wide mouth Quart Jar

1.5 TBLS Canning Pickling Salt
1/2 Cup Cider Vinegar
1 TBLS Pickling Spice
2-4 Whole Garlic cloves - peeled
4-5 Whole Dried Hot Peppers (Thai or similar) OR REAPERS
1/4 tsp pickle crisp (easily found in canning section)
Fresh dill fronds (optional) I no longer use the dill.
COLD Filtered water to top off before sealing.

Fresh picked Pickling Cucumbers, washed, rinsed and bottom flower tip trimmed off.


1.Gently wash fresh picked pickling cucumbers, set aside.

2.Wash & Sterilize Wide mouth quart Mason/Canning jar.

3. Combine, Salt, Garlic, Pickling spice, dried peppers, pickle crisp into bottom of jar.

4.Pack jars firmly with washed not smash cukes, vary sizes as needed to fill jar. DO NOT USE SOFT CUKES.

5. Add sprig of dill, and vinegar.

6. Fill remaining space in jar to within 1/8" of top with filtered water.

Seal with heated lid and place tightening band on hand tight and snug. do not over tighten.

Shake jar vigorously and store upside down for 24hrs.
Check jars daily and invert daily for 10 days. Bottom one day, top the next.

After 10 days store in cool dark place...pickles will be ready in 6-8 weeks.

These make a very crisp, slightly spicy pickle.