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    First time starting spinach

    Mine grew to fill the cups. I planted out in a fallow patch, and they did well for a week or two before succumbing to bugs or neglect. I did harvest and eat some. The kale and collards have yielded more.
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    Worst Pepper

    How you don't like tabasco?
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    pics Harvest

    bottom right is supposed to be bonda mahala... ? 2 to the left are bonda ma jacques
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    Taking peppers on a plane?

    Taking peppers on a plane?
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    Peppers on a plane?

    Anyone tried this recently?
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    7 Pots & Scotch Bonnets (2018- )

    Thanks    I'm working on them. Building up some tolerance. Not ready to go super saiyan yet.  :mouthonfire: So, that one is still in the fridge.
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    Word Association Thread

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    Airpots inside of airpots?

      That's basically my last pot-up from 1L to "5 gal" which is really about 3.6 (12 L ~ 3.17 gal).   Last season, I had some 18" plants outside in the 1 gal fabric pots. 
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    7 Pots & Scotch Bonnets (2018- )

    Another harvest today. Red and orange barrackpore, 2 devil's tongue, and goats.
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    pics Harvest

    devil's tongue, bbg7 large (supposed to be yellow), barrackpore (red and orange/yellow), bahamian goat, dorset naga,  primo, sb moa, 7 pot yellow
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    Planting by the moon?

    The new moon is waxing. The apogee was on April 1. So, theoretically, the influence of the moon's gravity is at a minimum. Plants' fluids are drawn down into the soil. Above ground portion has less water content than usual. Today, I pruned several of my in-ground plants. Coincidentally, I think...
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    Airpots inside of airpots?

    i looked into this a while ago... the canna forums seem to be the main resource for this topic.  Among the contributors to those forums, the general consensus seems to be "do a regular repot during transplant".   Personally, I agree. I use 1 gallon smart pots. I considered the nesting pot...
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    Word Association Thread

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    7 Pots & Scotch Bonnets (2018- )

    Today it's 2 Boatman Bonnets solo cup > 1 gal. smart pots I didn't incorporate the ewc into these. I just top-dressed the fertilizer after watering in with half strength fish and seaweed formula. I inoculated them the same and used the same potting mix blend.  I'm going to mulch with bark and...