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  • hehehee... i'll pass on the congrats to maurice.. dont worry - hes been getting plenty of it too :) good to hear that the curry plant is doing well - the heat nearly wiped mine out, but looks like its coming back on.. i lost so many plants with the heat! I have had the occasional beer.. but only one at a time.. i miss lots of beer :D
    Whassssssuuuuupppp? It has been difficult keeping up the nonsense without you. TB even stopped eating real food he was so upset you were gone. It's true ask him.
    Wow, you held up very well with the master. The best THSC guest thus far!!
    Neil is a terrific source to gauge the bad-boys with. It must be awesome to work with him.
    Thanks for the links, Jack
    Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhere the fruck have you been brother???...good to hear from you MAN!!!(i thought you drowned or something like that)
    You're back!!! YAAAY! :0) think lots of people are glad to see you make a re-appearance! I am getting HUGE!!! countdown is on though.. three months to go... god i miss my beer!
    Just heard its first day of Autumn tomoz and some of me babies are still in the infant stage eeek, so a lady friend been keeping you too busy for the forum ha ha ha
    Nova, mate, where the fliggerjibbing hell are you? (and looks like I'm not the only one wonderin!) Seriously, place ain't been the same without ya!
    Hope all is well and hope you had a fantastic Chrissy, New Years and all of that!
    Where are you?Where are you?Where are you?Where are you?Where are you?Where are you?Where are you?Where are you?Where are you?Where are you?
    looking 4 crazy hot seeds or dry pepper pods that would get me started i would luv 2 get my heands on sum from around the world im a newbie i thx you
    Hey matey,
    you fallen off the face of the earth?? hope all is well :)
    hi there.
    what's up.??
    i just planted the last of my Dorset naga Novastrain. i hope it germinates.
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