January 3
Real Name
Chad Cleary
Business Owner / Facility Manager
Company Name
Omnipotent Hot Sauce LLC / National Aeronautics and Space Administration
My name is Chad Cleary, I live in Dublin California, but I am from Tempe Arizona. I joined the Navy right out of high school as a Machinist Mate. I served two tours then joined the civilian sector. I am now a Facility Manager and Maintenance Manager out of Nasa Ames Research Center in Mountain View California. I have a bachelor's degree in Business Management and am actively going to school for Nuclear Engineering. I have a beautiful Brazilian wife that supports me in everything I do. No kids yet, other than our two kitties, and funny enough, one of them is named Kitty lol (I didn't name her). I love spending my free time working on my business and making hot sauce, as well as going to metal shows and doing anything relating to cars. My favorite bands are Slayer, Type O Negative, and Alice in Chains for you Metal Heads that are interested. I love my profession and my life, and I also love hot sauce! I thought it was about time to turn my love and passion for flavor and heat to the next level and started a hot sauce business, Omnipotent Hot Sauce LLC. I look forward to collaborating, sharing ideas, and sharing the love of peppers and hot sauce with those on this forum. See you in the forums!
Favorite Food
Chicken Wings
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
Good ole beer
Chili... Beans or No Beans?
Favorite Hot Pepper
Favorite Hot Sauce
Louisiana Hot Sauce
Favorite BBQ Food