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  • lazienfat I love the stuff, for this up coming spring I will drive 250 miles round trip for a load and pay 85 buks for it so it will be costly but man is it ever good! My plant grew to a tree 6' high and 6' wide.
    Hey Rev. I was just at Aces to get some perlite and saw a bag of mushroom compost, with the results you had with them I will have to buy a bag and add it to my soil!
    "I will have some in the fall that I can send you with NO stipulations,
    if you can wait that long."
    Well I can alwas wait and if already done we can always make a second video no matter what :) So THANK YOU Pappy! ^_^
    Ok -dun suppose it's impressive here. but.... Heirlooms: Bhut, bih, Naga jolokias. Red and yellow -pods and scotch bonnets. peruvian and bullet, gold, coco, Tasmanian, and Meltdown habs. Fatalii. Rooster Spur. Omni color, goan, atomic heart, ball, Dorset Naga, Naga Morich, trin scorps, black pearl, black prince, cap 1035, starfish, Thai Dragon, caribbean red hot, orange and black cobra, Marugala red- did I spell that right??? oh well.. and those funny starfish. Aussie black, volcano, De negro , ancho, de Arbol, devil's tongue red and yellow ---lets just say alot...
    New Crosses and university hybrids: caribbean blue mezzor, Goliath gold Bells, titana Vora Bells, Lava Carribe , xela, Black Bomb and marbled cascabel, Japanese Lantern, and some others...
    I have orange cobra, Naga Jolokia, Fatalii if you count that last one as a super-hot/ kinda a bad time for super-hots given its winter - got heaps of ornamentals regular heat and mild peppers – new hybrids and bells as well. Have a look at what I sell-
    Got cash too if a trade can’t be negotiated-

    We have many fine peppers there too.
    Hello pappywith4 I am Duran. I head you have chocolate 7-pods “Douglah” from a pal on youtube. I’d love to know if you’d be kind enough to send me some seeds- I’m looking for whatever I can get but hope for about 30 seeds, and 10 for Reverend Neil Smith. He’s a very good man and I’d love find him a set oh douglah seeds as well. He’s a very experienced collector as well. If need be I’d love to trade seeds. I have a number of new hybrids and heirlooms. About 97. I’m sure I can find you something worth a look. I’d be very happy if you could help. –
    hey pappy you have douglah seeds? i recieved your brown 7pod thanx. my pods should be ready in a month soo you should be recieving some hot seeds in the mail. soon. but i have been searching for some douglah's would be awesome.
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