Real Name
Favorite Food
Mung Beans w/ Quinoa
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
Favorite Hot Pepper
Aji Crystal!
Favorite Hot Sauce
Grow List
2012 Season:
Red Carabean Hab (overwintered) - R.I.P.
Chichen Itza Hab (overwintered) - still tickin'!
Jalapeno (two year old) -hangin' in there!
T-Scorp - not true, bought from Fullerton Arrboretum, turned out yellow, may still be a good pepper.
Beaver Dam - plant could not support weight of peppers, pruned
doux long d'Antibes - weak production, but beautiful and tasty peppers, I'm commited to making this plant work for me.
Goccia d’oro- plent fell from weight of the few pods, I'm not giving up
Alma Paprika - unproductive, but awesome taste
Maria Nagy - happy with this tasty and productive cayenne type.
Pasilla Baijo - gave to my neighbor.
Buht Jolokia - gave to my neighbor, no report
Yellow T-Scorp - taking forever to produce pods
Lg. Yellow 7 Pot - a new favorite!
Brain Strain - ouch!
Aji Crystal - most productive, most used, great all-around
Blondie - not productive, but tasty peppers
Aji Omnicolor - productive, attractive and tasty!
Chiltepin - died early
White Fatalii - lost track, died?
Donne Sali - did well, going to overwinter, dry heat
Peruvian White Hab - plant and peppers looked desheveled, tasted good, will regrow if survives overwinter
Big Ass Cayenne - gave to dude at my church, changed name to "Big Ol' Cayenne" hahaha!
PI 653748 - turned out purplish pea sized pods, possible cross, will overwinter
PI 224444 - a stellar plant and gorgeous and tasty pod. Inside of pod looks beautiful, one of this season's delights -- thanks wayright!
Jimmy Nardello - a total disappointment, two small pods.

Planned Varieties for 2013:
In addition to whatever survives overwinter, I'm going to strat these guys.
Inca Berry (Aji Joe)
Aji Cajamarca (Aji Joe)
Yellow Trinidad Perfume (Aji Joe)
Aji Pinapple (Aji Joe)
Joloro (Aji Joe)
White 7 Pot (Aji Joe)
Kaleidoscope (Eephus Man)
Barra Du Rubiero (Eephus Man)
Inca Red Drop (Pepperlover)
Blonde (Pepperlover)
7 Pod Jonah (Pepperlover)
7 Pod Primo (Pepperlover)
Tobago Scotch Bonnet Red (Pepperlover)
Chimayo (Adaptive Seeds)
Liebesapfel (Adaptive Seeds)

Ha! May 2014 UPDATE:

Just now putting those seeds in soil. Simplified by planting six six-packs outside:
Inca Red Drop
Inca Berry
White 7 Pot
Aji Crystal

Still have 3 overwinters:
Large Yellow 7 Pot
Some Red 7 Pot
and a T-Scorp of some kind

Bought some plants:
New Mexico Big Jim
Super Chile
Seeds Wanted
NuMex Heritage Big Jim
NuMex Espanola Improved
NuMex Heritage 6-4
NuMex Sandia
Seeds Available For Trade
Dumping all my 2013 seeds on the Coheed Seed Train for now.