Apr 28, 1975 (Age: 47)
Real Name
Grow List
2015 Grow list
1 7 Pot Primo Pepperlover
2 7 Pot Brain Strain Pepperlover
3 7 Pot Yellow Pepperlover & Buckeye Pepper
4 7 Pot Barrackpore Chocolate Coheed196
5 Bhut Jolokia Peach Pepperlover
6 Bhut Jolokia Red Pepperlover
7 Bhut Jolkia White Pepperlover
8 Bhut Orange Copenhagen Coheed196
9 Bih Jolokia Tradewinds
10 Carolina Reaper Pepperlover & Buckeye Pepper
11 Devil's Brain Pepperlover
12 Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion Buckeye Pepper
13 Jonah's Yellow Brain Pepperlover
14 Peach Congo Pepperlover
15 Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate Buckeye Pepper
16 Trinidad Scorpion Yellow Pepperlover
17 Red Rocoto Tradewinds
18 Yellow Manzano Hooda
19 Giant Mexican Rocoto Pepperlover
20 Pineapple Rocoto Pepperlover
21 CAP273 Peru Coheed196
22 CAP1481 Guatemala Coheed196
23 Wild Brazil Coheed196
24 C. Galapagonese Coheed196
25 CGN22775 C. Frutescens Coheed196
26 CGN22795 C. Praetermissum Coheed196
27 Bell of Gollu Pepperlover
28 Cinnamon Bell Pepperlover
29 Cumra Cherry Pepperlover
30 Jimmy Nardello Pepperlover
31 Palmyra Pepperlover
32 Adjoema Aji Joe
33 Bahamian Goat Aji Joe & Buckeye Pepper
34 Giant White Hab (w/stinger) PaulG
35 Harold St. Barts Habanero Buckeye Pepper
36 Jam. Scotch Bonnet Montego Bay Pic1
37 MoA Scotch Bonnet Steve954
38 Mustard Habanero Tradewinds
39 Sofi Scotch Bonnet Buckeye Pepper
40 TFM Scotch Bonnet Pic1
41 Tobago Scotch Bonnet R Pepperlover
42 Tobago Scotch Bonnet Y Pepperlover
43 Aji Cito Pepperlover
44 Bishops Crown Buckeye Pepper
45 Orange Thai Tradewinds
46 Tonga Orange Habanero Aji Joe
47 Tobago Seasoning Pepperlover
48 Explosive Ignite Aji Joe
49 Royal Black Aji Joe
Favorite Hot Pepper
Bahamian Goat, Yellow 7 Pot, Bishops Crown, Harold St. Bart Hab
Seeds Available For Trade
Hopefully many at the end of this season.
Favorite Hot Sauce
home made
Married with 4 young kids, serving God as a pastor in central Michigan


Righteous heat!