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    Sandwich of the Month

    I had to do it!!
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    smokers MikeUSMC: "Bury Me in Smoke"

    Mike, I finally used Kosmos stuff and everyone said it was the best brisket they ever had.
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    4th of July Grill/Smoke

    Cheers Pharkers :drunk:   Happy 4th and Grill On!!!!!  
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    contest VOTE! Quarantine Throwdown (Special Edition)

    All of this awesome food is making me hungry!!!
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    smokers Finally, a Smoker I Can Call My Own

    Nice work!!!!  :dance:  :dance:  :cheers:   Chop up that flat and throw it in the beans. 
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    Sandwich of the Month

    I'll try that next time. I really wanna make a sandwich like this with brisket and pickled onions!!
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    Sandwich of the Month

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    music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Usually this week we have the International Festival De Louisienne, it's streaming now and jammin, get on that.
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    S.I.P./Quarantine Cooking

    Leg quarters were on sale and had to stock the freezer but saved some for tonight. I cooked my Popeye's fried chicken recipe with pasta salad. Those backbone pieces are so good to chew on!!
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    S.I.P./Quarantine Cooking

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    S.I.P./Quarantine Cooking

    We did finally decide on what to eat, oven wangs and pasta salad. And a few more bites of that fatty pork candy!!! I used Head Country on some and a hot wing sauce. 
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    S.I.P./Quarantine Cooking

    Well, the same guy this recipe came from pumped up the blood thinners with this recipe.
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    S.I.P./Quarantine Cooking

    It's something everyone has to try at least once but man is it rich and the fat just melts in your mouth.
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    S.I.P./Quarantine Cooking

    I used up some of Mike's seasonings today for Scooby snacks. Head Country was the sauce of choice, these are too rich to eat many and I feel like it's the best heart attack bite you can take even though I trimmed off some fat.               This will be used it the next batch of sausage!!  ...