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    Why kill last years plants?

    I tried 2 years in a row to over winter... followed all the guides, etc... with no success.   First year I had ~12 plants I brought in... I think 2 survived, but maybe only 1.   Second year was just about as dismal.   Last year I just chopped em all down and threw em into the compost pile...    ...
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    seeds Tending to seeds being germinated

    I always germinate using wet paper towels in tupperwear elevated about 1-2" over a heat mat with a few pieces of scrap wood.   I tried germinating in soil one year and it was a crap shoot.        
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    seeds 9A germination time

    I usually start around Dec 1 with germinating here in Dallas.   Takes a few weeks usually to germinate, then get them a little time in the seed starter tray with dome, then transplant into the indoor grow tent under LED.  I would say I dont have anything in the grow tent until at least mid...
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    2 nights below 40...then a month above...

    I have some freeze damage on some leaves on the plants on the north side.  I think they got chilled a bit more due to the wind.  I had a few bed sheets I covered everything with.  Seems to have made it out ok.   I saw 32 degrees, at least on the weather app on my phone.
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    2 nights below 40...then a month above...

    if you need anything I got a boat load of jays peach, chocolate borg 9's and BOC's.... my reapers havent done as much as I had hoped this year.
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    2 nights below 40...then a month above...

      really?  I just checked accuweather and they say 31 for you... Weird.   Im ~20 miles south of downtown Dallas and forecast between the 2 nights is a low of 35.  About 6 hours each night below 40.
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    2 nights below 40...then a month above...

    cool, I'll probably at least try to drape a couple king size sheets over them to protect them a bit.
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    2 nights below 40...then a month above...

    Its not so easy as to just toss a tarp over it.  The shit is out of control...   I will basically start at the bottom bend everything up using thick clear plastic.  Its just going to be temporary for 2 nights really.  
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    2 nights below 40...then a month above...

    I have a quandary...   I have 8 or so large super hot plants with a TON of green pods on them...   Starting friday afternoon/night its supposed to get down into the mid 30's at night, then warm back up and not see below 40 at night for almost a month(according to the long range forecasts) which...
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    seeds Pepper seedlings wilting :(

    yea once they germinate, they dont need heat anymore in my experience.  So trying to germinate and grow in the same seed starting tray gets problematic due to some still needing heat for germination and some getting cooked by the same heat.   Thats a big reason why I germinate in zip lock bags...
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    Growing/selling super hots on the side

    yea, we are discussing doing a few different things.   I honestly was thinking like 200 plants of a few varieties of peppers.  I hadnt really done the math on what would physically "fit" in an acre and when I did we both kind of went "holy shit"...
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    Can Carolina reapers grow in Austin, TX?

    Shade cloth.   All super hots grow in Texas, but you definitely need shade cloth.   This year I grew reapers, jays peach, BOC, chocolate borg 9, and a couple Aji varieties...  All were prolific pod producers.
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    Growing/selling super hots on the side

        Well for me its the physical growing of the plants and peppers...   I give away 95% of what I grow in my own small garden.   For my buddy its about adding on to his small farm/agg operation on some land that is sitting idle with no real plans for it.   He talked about doing Tomato's and...
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    Growing/selling super hots on the side

    Only issue is getting a kitchen setup and getting everything approved.  The money factor goes sky high when you talk about that.   His other product is agg, and they have purposely kept from building a kitchen facility because of the cost involved, and potential pain in the ass.   Trying to...
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    pics I want pics of your biggest, baddest PLANTS

      yea they have surprised me.  Like I said, one treatment of Dr. Earths fertilizer and one treatment of epsom salts around July 1 and thats it.  I have done less with them this year than last year and the plants are doing a ton better.  I think less is more.   I wont post pictures of my Aji...