Oct 21, 1976 (Age: 46)
Real Name
Shawn kirk
Build volvo trucks
Company Name
I live, eat, breathe dirt oval kart racing. Its the most intense incredible hobby/sport. Theres probably a track near you racing on Saturday nights. Go check it out. You may get hooked like i have. I Love mixed martial arts (UFC). My other passion is making 100% authentic NY Style pizza. Baked on a steel plate with the same ingredients used by the top NY pizzerias. Im able to make the same if not better pies than those top ny pizzerias.
I love growing chile peppers and making my own powder. It allows me to tranform any dish into something spicy and elevate its flavor. Making powder has been a game changer for me.
Favorite Food
Old el paso beef tacos
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
Zing Zang n Bud light aka michelada aka red beer aka red eye
Chili... Beans or No Beans?
Favorite Hot Pepper
Orange habanero
Favorite Hot Sauce
Private Selection mango scotch bonnet, green el yucateco and texas pete
Favorite BBQ Sauce
Famous Daves
Favorite BBQ Food
Anything Else
I can drag my knee racing motorcycles. That requires overcoming a huge hurdle mentally to allow yourself to lean the bike over that far and trust the grip levels of your tires.