Oct 15, 1951 (Age: 72)
Real Name
Dr. Peter Merle
owner of seed production and seed service
Company Name
Semillas La Palma
after 15 years in pharmacytical research in Germany I went to the Canary Island La Palma (Spain) build my own house and started to produce seeds of ornamental plants and trees, fruit trees, peppers, tomatoes and endemic species.
Seed business started as eBay seller in 2000 and after we had aquired a number of about 9000 customers we jumped to our own shop selling seeds from hundreds of varieties of all kinds of interesting plants.
Our pepper seeds stock grew and grew and now we are holding a stock of over 700 varieties of sweet and hot peppers grown
under optimal conditions of the subtropical climate of the Canary Island. All pepper varieties as well as tomatoes are grown under strikt conditions to avoid unwanted cross pollinization.
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
red wine
Favorite Hot Pepper
7pot Primo orange
Favorite Hot Sauce
My own
Favorite BBQ Food
2lb steak
Grow List
see Glog Semillas La Palma
Seeds Wanted
Wild Capsicum and C. chinense not listed in my shop
Seeds Available For Trade
all seeds that are listed in my shop at


Seed Shop with over 800 pepper varieties in stock:

Semillas La Palma