Sep 12, 1976 (Age: 47)
Real Name
Tater Salad
Career slacker
The crappiest pepper grower you would ever meet...I know nothing about growing peppers, just look at my glogs...
Favorite Food
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
Chili... Beans or No Beans?
Favorite Hot Pepper
Favorite Hot Sauce
Tabasco (made MRE's tasty when in Afghanistan
Favorite BBQ Food
Grow List
Bhut jolokia chocolate, bananarama hybrid, yellow mini bell , moruga scorpion, Trinidad scorpion chocolate, Carolina reaper , cherry peppers, mild jalapeño, yellow bells, Thai chili, green habanero, big daddy sweet pepper, Carmen sweet pepper...
Seeds Available For Trade
**not trading at the moment****
Peach bhut jolokia pepper
Brown bhut jolokia pepper
White bhut jolokia pepper
Indian carbon bhut jolokia pepper
Yellow bhut jolokia pepper
Red bhut jolokia pepper
Carolina reaper pepper
True camari capsicum pepper
7 pod Congo SR gigantic pepper
Yellow 7 pod brain strain pepper
7 pod barrackapore pepper
7 pod Jonah pepper
Dorset naga pepper
Butch T Scorpion red pepper
Trinidad scorpion orange pepper
Trinidad douglah red pepper
Brown moruga scorpion pepper
Brain strain red pepper
CAP 215 pepper
Aji chuncho pepper
Aji lemon pepper
Devils toungue red pepper
Devils toungue yellow pepper
Black Congo pepper
Lemon yellow habanero
Habanero Orange pepper
Habanero - Carribbean Red pepper
Habanero - Maya Red x Bhut Jolokia India Carbon
Red savina habanero pepper
White habanero pepper
Mustard habanero pepper
Albino bullnose pepper
Red mini bell pepper
Topepo rosso pepper
Red cheese pepper
Red mushroom pepper
Sheep nose pimento pepper
Griello de cocina pepper
Lipstick pepper pepper
Padron pepper
Chocolate sweet pepper
Chocolate beauty pepper
Arroz con pollo pepper
Aluka sarga szentes sweet pepper
Mini chocolate bell pepper
Fish pepper
Pasilla Bajio hot pepper
Five color chinese pepper
Purple Jalapeño pepper
Yellow scotch bonnet pepper
Anaheim pepper
Moshi pepper
Rooster spur pepper
Ethiopian brown pepper
Yellow Thai pepper
Peter pepper
Hawaiin Sweet hot pepper
Royal gold pepper
Peruvian gold pepper
Red Fatali


In the end what matters most is
how well did you live, how well did you love, how well did you learn....
to let go.....BOOM!!