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    cuisines Your Top 5 Cuisines!

    Japanese: Chirashi-sushi. Mexican: Cochinita pibil. Peru: Seafood ceviche. Indian: Chicken curry, pistachios and yogurt. Indian:Samosa. Mediterranean (Greece): Musaka. Mediterranean (Turkey & Greece): Pilaf. Mediterranean (Italy): Risotto. Mediterranean (Morocco): Tajine. ...And a...
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    seed-train European Seed train...

    Come on, everyone on the train!🚂 I'll try to do my best to be able to be inside when it's my turn. I'll have the seeds ready anyway 😊 One question, how much does the envelope weigh?
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    shipping European import taxes

    Hi. I live in the Canary Islands. Here we're hardened to customs abuses. Maybe I can help you. Yes, the Canary Islands aren't under the same rules as the rest of the EU (just when it comes to customs and transport rules, the rest are the same for everyone). There is a law that tries to protect...
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    seed-train European Seed train...

    Hi guys. For work reasons I'm going to have to stay off the train this year. The last friday, they told me that I'll have to be traveling for a few months and it'll be impossible to know if I'll be home when the package arrives. I've thought of several ways to go through with this. Leave...
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    pests Whiteflies on small pepper plant

    Hey, thank you very much for linking me to Google search. Yesterday, in my search I used other combinations such as ["neem iol" + phytotoxicity] or ["neem oil" "sunlight" + phytoxicity]. I searched in Spanish and English and didn’t have much luck on this. I’ve reviewed more than a dozen of the...
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    pests Whiteflies on small pepper plant

    I find it very interesting what you say about the phytotoxicity of neem under exposure to sunlight. Do you have a link to read more about this? I understood that sunlight only degrades its active ingredients. I have been using neem oil for years to treat any type of pest and have always been...
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    pests Whiteflies on small pepper plant

    Hi. Generally, whiteflies are attracted to the yellow color. Putting chromatic yellow traps will help you catch them and reduce the population. You can also spray with a mixture of potassium soap (3gr / liter) and neem oil (3gr / liter). This will help you kill nearby adults (many fly away)...
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    preservation Ozone treatment for seeds

    Hi! Hey @Max Nihil , thank you for your answers! You're as wise a man as an encyclopedia of science! I did a germination test with pepper seeds (annum and chinense), tomato and eggplant. All the seeds that had gone through the Ozone method germinated. It seems that, at least this time, I didn't...
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    powder-flake Powder time!

    I would vote for yellow buth. All the Fatalii I grown up are more ribbed. Those peppers are very beautiful, they look like caramel 🍬 Enjoy.
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    capsaicin First Trinidad Scorpion and a Change in Direction

    Sorry to relive this thread, but I just read it and I found your story with the first superhot to be very funny. Something similar happened to me, with a Moruga Scorpion, but I ate a bite, as initially it did not bite much and the taste was very good I thought "maybe it is a hybrid and it...
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    scovilles Fresh Fresno vs Habanero

    I don't usually like the heat of almost all the annums that I have tried. I prefer the heat of baccatums or chinense, despite being most hot, the heat is more predictable. Annums often have an aggressive and spiny bite; as if someone were beating a hundred ice picks in your mouth. Despite being...
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    preservation Ozone treatment for seeds

    Wow, your answer is very complete!!!!👏 The seeds are exposed for 30 minutes in a combination of air and ozone. It's then packed into their ziploc bags. I see from the ResearchGate link that the ideal exposure is 1.5 to 3 minutes... Yesterday I did it again. I will do a germination test on all...
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    preservation Ozone treatment for seeds

    Hi guys. Ok, I searched the forum and didn't see anything related. So I throw my question: I have had an Ozone Generator at home for years. They gave it to me when my daughter was born, for some reason that I still don't know... In 2020 I used it as a method to sanitize seeds just...
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    vendor Semillas La Palma

    It is unfortunate. Sorry. Peter is a great provider. I also buy seeds in: - (Belgium) - (Croatia) For now the experience is as good with both as with Good luck!
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    contest 👻Who GroO the SpOokiest Pod? October 2021

    Your pepper seems to be glad to see someone .... this is a spooky peppers contest, not a obscene peppers contest!!:lol::lol: