The Hot Pepper

Real Name
Mr. Fancy Pants
Grow List
None. Not good at growing.
Favorite Hot Pepper
Perhaps the Jamaican Hot Chocolate, but as a powder.
Pookie, Satan Claus
Favorite Hot Sauce
Not sure, maybe Benito's Poto Rojo. Also big on smoked peppers and pineapple in sauces.
Favorite Food
I'm pescetarian. Fried catfish fingerlings, fries, and slaw, lots of lemons, lots of beer. Thai whole red snapper in mango sauce. Mahi mahi fish tacos. Catfish po boys. Oysters. Mussels frite!!!!!!
Favorite BBQ Food
Fish on the grill
Favorite BBQ Sauce
Carolina gold mustard sauces.
Company Name
Burntime Media
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
Other Half beer
No food awards, just some filmmaking awards for short films.
Anything Else
Founder of The Hot Pepper Awards. Enter your product!
Throwdown Crowns


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