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  • looking 4 crazy hot seeds or dry pepper pods that would get me started i would luv 2 get my heands on sum from around the world im a newbie i thx you
    thanks she was only about 1.5 years old when that photo was taken, shes about a foot taller than me now and weights 80 something kgs
    QR spliting into two????? trying to get good jump on seaseon so i can get some fruit off them...
    Cool, never used thermit gear, I've done welding using railtech boutet.
    The pay can be good, all depends on what you do and where you are. It'll be interesting now it's been split into 2 separate companies.
    Have fun growing this season, sounds like you have a good headstart.
    Hi Tom,
    railway company eh, which one if I may be so bold?
    I'm with QR National as of the 01/07.
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