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    Walchit 2022

    You still have some Guatemalan Insanity Garlic going? I thought I ruined mine last year, the plants went all the way brown on me and I had to dig the beds up to find it. Was worried it wouldn't sprout this year but it seems like it's doing pretty good. I was actually gonna hit you up for plants...
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    Walchit 2022

    Idk why I didn't cut these in half before I filled them up with my old mulch pile. The second one fell over too after all the rain we had... guess. I'm gonna have to empty and refill them, 😆
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    Walchit 2022

    Saved a few pork bones out of these, gonna try to make some DIY bonemeal.
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    Sinbad was better, damn Mandela effect...

    Sinbad was better, damn Mandela effect...
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    media reuse container media?

    How big were the containers?
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    Newbie looking for advise and info!!

    You came to the right place! Welcome from Kansas.
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    travel The Great 2021 StettoMoveBlog

    If you end up moving to Texas, you can drop those Woodard chairs off over here... My wife says you should be a voice actor as well. You would make a pretty sweet narrator.
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    Walchit 2022

    My mom was asking about my unused pots, so I rounded up 8 and topped them off with some potting soil and well decomposed wood chips. Ended up with 7 leftover, so I used the last of my soil to top them off. Then you know I had to plant something lol. A couple had ant colonies in them and I spent...
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    Bold Badger 2022 Grow Log - 2k plants, zero planning

    Holy moly! 2k plants.... That's crazy about eating the leaves too, never would have thought that.
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    travel The Great 2021 StettoMoveBlog

    If you work your way up north of Denver, there is a place called lauerkrauts that has pretty good bierocks and their knuchen looked pretty good too. It's in Brighton. There is/was an Italian restaurant there too, with the best toasted ravioli. The mile high flea market is pretty cool too. Lol
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    Sulsa's 2022 grow log

    Just made it to the end, very nice setup. I wanted to like every post, but didn't want to blow up your notifications too bad, lol
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    Sulsa's 2022 grow log

    Story of my life! Lol
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    Walchit 2022

    Had to tell myself that or I would just have 100 superhots out there, lol.
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    SKULLBIKER'S "Whats old is new for 22 glog"

    Nice looking plants! On the experiment where you didn't punch off the early flowers, dod you do a control plant? One time I punched hogsweed flowers on 2 plants, and left them on one, and the pinched plants did way better. They were only in 3.5"pots for the majority of the experiment.
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    smoking BACON!

    I did a batch of bacon, but didn't use cure. The worst part for me was trying to slice it, but my brother in law has a slicer now, so I should make another batch.