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    pics Post your Artistic Pepper Pics!

    This was the first time to get such a shape of Peter pepper.
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    annuum Er jing tiao

    The peel of this kind of pepper is more flexible than other chili peppers, and the dry pepper peel is a little transparent.
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    annuum Er jing tiao

    I suddenly remembered this post! So I bought some dried chili peppers! The seller said that these chili peppers were dried by the sun rather than by machines, so their seeds should still be alive, I want to test them!
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    annuum Er jing tiao

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    wanted Looking for the seeds of Diospyros texana(Texas Persimmon).

    Hi, I'm looking for the seeds of Diospyros texana(Texas Persimmon). I was attracted by it when I saw its picture for the first time. I want to plant it in a big flower pot as an ornamental plant. I used to worry that it could not reproduce through seeds, because persimmons in my hometown need...
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    Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

    I don't think it's difficult, as long as you choose the right way to send it. Envelopes sent to me need a tracking number so that they can be received more easily. The express industry here is so convenient that ordinary letters can hardly be received, and post office staff are busy delivering...
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    Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

    I don't have a regular channel to buy space-bred chili peppers! I have bought seeds from the United States, Canada, Australia, Greece and other countries before! I also grow wild chili peppers, but now there are only a few, and some varieties have not been able to sprout.
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    Wild, Indeed, Community Thread

        I envy that you can exchange seeds so easily.
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    annuum Er jing tiao

        Hello, I'm from China. If the seeds of Er Jing Tiao you buy can't germinate, I can buy ripe fresh Er Jing Tiao pepper and get seeds. You can contact me if you need to.We can help each other.
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    Hello all from China

    WeChat llli85
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    Hello all from China

    Welcome from China.
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    Pepper ID - curly

    Chinese name:  线椒   It means it likes line. fine and long
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    Bluesman´s 2017

    I also grow some wilds and some interesting varieties ^_^
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    Mutant Candlelight

    I got 1 seed of  Candlelight (Mutant) last week.  I don't know whether can I plant it successful.   Can you give me some information ?
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    Standbyandfire Glog Video & Pic's 2016

    Do you like Sun Tzu ?