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    wanted WTB Supers

    Hey anyone got a box or two of supers ready to go today or tomorrow?
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    for-sale SFRB Fatalii Peppers $15

    Heya, is it possible to book a box for next weekend? Cheers
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    wanted WTB Supers

    Anyone got any supers ready to go out? if yes please pm, thanks!
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    do you have anything going out now?

    do you have anything going out now?
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    SFRB Peach and Red Reapers $14

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    40$ medium box choc brain, medium box mixed supers

    Anymore of those mixed supers available?
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    SFRB Peach and Red Reapers $14

    I would love that box. Where should I send the paypal?
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    for-sale SFRB's, Labeled 6X6 Boxes & Seeds for Sale

    My order is in! Looking forward! :dance:
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    wanted WTB super duper hots $15-20

    Any one have a box of as hot-as-i -can-get-em pods for 15, tops 20 bucks? Cheers
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    for-sale Anyone still have supers for sale?

    @ cmj thanks I will let you know if I still need. After the wonderful variety I got this past summer from you, I know your someone I can count on. @ withywindle72 I just sent u a pm. Be in touch. Thanks guys!
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    for-sale Anyone still have supers for sale?

    Anyone have any supers? I would love to get my hands on a box and bring some heat to the east coast.. I know its late but hey you never know.... Anything super, the hotter the better. Thanks
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    for-sale Mixed box for sale

    If you have enough supers I would love to take a box of Arkansas best!
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    wanted Looking to buy 100-200seeds of carolina reaper - shipping to Israel

    Hey I am traveling to Israel in three weeks if you want to send anything with me so you can save on postage it would be my pleasure. I will be in Jerusalem
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    Happy Birthday Wicked Mike

    Happy belated birthday!
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    for-sale PEPPER SALE SFRB'S

    I'll take #4