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    indoor Homemade Growing Tent

    Looking good to go! I've currently got four plants fruiting in a similar sized space under a 1000w equivalent led lamp. I was mis-sold some seeds so planted them later than they should of been popped, started indoors moved outside and then had to bring them back in as the frost threatened and...
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    issue Been forced to bring inside.

    For anyone wondering if the leaf would relax as per my question, can confirm that leaves did not relax with decreased light intensity. I've since possibly had issues with "thrips". The "thrips" I have/had don't seem to be having any negative effect. No leaves have been devoured, no stunted...
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    tutorial The Comprehensive Guide to Over-Wintering

    Very interesting thank you for the response. I've three that I plan to over winter as they were started way too late and I'd like something from them after gifting/eating others I had outside. Purchased as c.annums although I doubt it, I've had potential thrip issues on one and thrown that...
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    Introduction and a bit of my grow/setup - From Mississippi USA

    Industrial, nice. Depending on your climate I'm guessing you're too busy harvesting a million pods right now but can't wait for a glog or harvest update from this. A belated welcome from a long time chilli lover and recent gyo convert.
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    issue Been forced to bring inside.

    Possibility number 7! Thanks for replying, I had considered this myself. Having never grown peppers under lights and struggling to find anyone who has properly reviewed the light I've chosen means it seems to be a little trial and error. I'd figured with this plant been grown outside and...
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    Hi, Hola, Hej and Hallo.

    Now then (Hello from Yorkshire)
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    Hi, similar this end. Welcome.
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    issue Been forced to bring inside.

    Solves that conversation.
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    issue Been forced to bring inside.

    Similar with the education this end to be honest. I've had a skeg around and there's around five different things it could be from what I could see yet I've just come off the phone with a friend who suggested a sixth option that leaf curl up could potential be a low humidity issue. I've not...
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    issue Been forced to bring inside.

    Hi THP, Due to the short growing season in the UK and my hopefulness of a late summer some of my plants weren't quite where they should be as light levels dropped alongside night time temperatures. I've since purchased a grow light in an effort to ripen off my last plant and as an aid to over...
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    tutorial The Comprehensive Guide to Over-Wintering

    Out of interest how did it go?
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    Trippaul Threat (PdN x BMJ) Community Grow

    True legend, incoming!
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    Thanks for letting me join...

    Got me similar, that's what happens when you stop lurking. Welcome, think we both joined at a very similar time. I'm not sure what a Roasted hatch is but I'm heading straight over to Hot Sauce Talk to find out. Good luck with your fermenting, I look forward to reading about it sometime.
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    Yorkshire based chilli newbie

    I might need more than a week!