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    alkhall 2016

    Looks like they're progressing nicely, and that is a pretty neat lookin dog.
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    NeedsWork 2016 - Year Two

    Plants are looking huge, nice job.
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    I will WORK for you... just give me a few chilli seeds, PLEASE?

      I'm sure the people hooking you up appreciate the enthusiasm, but yeah, don't hurt urself dude, all the youtube videos have been done.
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    The Ames Glog 2016

    Holy cow.   Nice lookin plants.
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    greenhouse Raspberry Pi greenhouse monitor/controller

    Wow, that sounds like an interesting project. Have you ever made anything w/ a pi before?   Nice to see raspiviv has a decent setup guide.
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    rjacobs 2016 GLOG

    Wow the overwinters are looking huge already...   When are you planning to start putting plants in the ground?
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    Peter's 2016 Grow

    PL descrption: "Finger shaped Turkish pepper comes from the city of Yüksekova in the very southeast region. This extremely hot pepper matches the very hot, dry, dusty nature of the city where it is grown. The pepper is very productive setting tough green pods all summer long turning bright red...
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    2016's Fresh Start(LedPhotonFactory)

    Can't go wrong w/ timelapse. Awesome.
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    Sawyer '16 - Memorial Day update

    Alright, I'll keep my eyes open for it.
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    Well played Mother Nature.

    Link is broken.
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    Sawyer '16 - Memorial Day update

    Holy cow, do you mind posting the list?
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    Texas Indoor Grow (First Time Growing)

    Looks like everything's recovering slow and steady.   Nice growbox build.
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    2016 - JoeFish Arkansas Grown

    No problem. Why is the MOA Scotch Bonnet crossed out? Did none of your seeds germ or did you just change your mind about growing it?
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    2016 - JoeFish Arkansas Grown

    I don't blame you, that's a huge list.  
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    Tekne Dolmasi

    What did you think of them?
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    Ozzy's 2016 Grow

    Nice grow list, looks like the first batch of seeds was a success.   What tomatoes are you planning to grow this year?
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    Juanitos 2016 Grow

    Nice, post some pics when you get the time.
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    Smokenmirraz Melbourne Miracle

    Plants are looking good. When does your guy's season end?
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    Peter's 2016 Grow

    Wow, plants are looking awesome already. Any other additions?
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    Tekne Dolmasi

    Peter S grew it last year and posted some comments: