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  1. Needle99

    TBG's Equinox Seed Giveaway - For Newbies, Aussies & More!

    PM on its way. At least 1 x Aussie needs to grab something :-)
  2. Needle99

    3 thumbs up from Australia

    :welcome:  from Brisbane :P
  3. Needle99

    Ghost Infused Mince Pies

    Sounds nice. Thanks for sharing!   Will try one year when I actually have some dried chilli's. :-)
  4. Needle99

    flavor Tastiest pepper?

    MIld - Bishops Crown Medium - Yaki Blue Hot - Reaper   I do like the "sweetness" of the reaper in jams/jellies Yaki is great as an addition raw to curries or anything else that needs a little kick Bishops crown is just great raw, as it s super sweet.   This list will change once I get to taste...
  5. Needle99

    Hi from Brisbane, Australia

      There are a few of us on here.... Which is good.
  6. Needle99

    My first Glog and my second year growing peppers 2016 (From Oz)

    Here in Bris before masters, bunnings used to stock it. Then it disappeared.
  7. Needle99

    Sev's First Season - 2016

    Going Well Sev. And yes this is addictive.
  8. Needle99

    My first Glog and my second year growing peppers 2016 (From Oz)

    You should like the Yaki Blue. Great looking plant. Do not be alarmed when the pods start black. They are ripe when they start to go maroon. :-)   Good work so far. Also my 2nd year growing here in Aus (Brisbane).
  9. Needle99

    Hello from Sydney!

    Welcome from Brisbane :-)   Festering - No native killer chillis here that I am aware of. There are a few I have heard originate from here, but I think they are crosses rather than natives.
  10. Needle99

    Hi from Brisbane, Australia

    :welcome:  from another Brisbane Native.
  11. Needle99

    The Spicy Meatless Thread... (ya I went there)

    Here you go Rawk. Slow cooker Indian that freezes well. I assume you have a large slow cooker. Adjust chilli powder and fresh chillis as usual. This version was done for people at work, and I just add extra powder/flakes to spice up. It is also low reactive so no garlic, limited onion and...
  12. Needle99

    D3's 2016 Growlog

    Plants look great D3. So much growth since my last visit to your Glog!
  13. Needle99

    Shorerider's heavy haulage.

    Nice haul SR.   Hope to have plants 1/2 as productive as you next season....
  14. Needle99

    Pallet Tech Projects

    I need to work up plans for a small propagation growbox from pallets.   Already have mounted potting benches (also work as a bar when not being used for that purpose).
  15. Needle99

    GIP 2016 grow

    Looking good GIP. Lots of plants there for sure. Given your aborted start, looks like a good result so far.
  16. Needle99

    "Tag" people

    I am clicking on the Tag Scovie button.  Oh wait......
  17. Needle99

    Shishito peppers are the shishit

    Will need to add theshitto to the growlist..
  18. Needle99

    Bumper's Glog

    Goes with Coles selling the 10g packs for $3.50 or $4.50.   I have some plants growing from those pods, first pods have appeared, interested to see what they come out like.
  19. Needle99

    Shoreriders not a Glog.

    More good pods there. :P   Turns out I have an almost ripe Aji Pineapple, so will know what it is like sooner rather than later.   You have quite a few varieties there I plan to try in the future.