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    wanted Anything hot.

    Hi ya'll, Late to the game. I am looking for anything Hot. I put on a chili eating contest for our block party. It is next Tuesday, or Wednesday. If you got extra pods. please let me know.
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    for-sale SFRBs / MFRBs for sale

    Good guy to deal with.
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    for-sale SFRB Assorted Superhot peppers - $20

    Great guy to deal with.
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    Guess my favorite NFL team and win

    Dolphins, we finally whipped some ass.
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    Bhuter's MAD BBM new pain level

    Very nice looking pepper. I wonder how the flavor is with that cross.
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    event 1st Annual Salsa Con.

     Hi Ya'll,     Dante's in Frostburg, MD is having our first salsa con.    We have hosted many food event's over the year's. This winter being our 5th or 6th chili cook off (we drink a lot).   Salsa Con is Oct. 2 at around 1pm.   There is a bookface page for the bar with all the detail's.  ...
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    Show me your bubble 2016

    Only one out of the three I have is a chocolate. The other two are throwing large bumpy red one's.
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    Clearing a field after frost???

    Same here, add manure, leave's, and what not throughout the fall\winter. Then mix it all together when it thaw's.
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    pics Lets see your meanest, most gnarly pods!!!

    Brain look's good. The Mbut look's me some green pod's.
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    chinense Chocolate Bhutlah x Carolina Reaper v1 & v2

    Nice looking pod's.   I like the V1 because of the shape and cut profile. It has the hood of the reaper, and the length of the bhutlah.     How is the flavor?
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    chinense Moruga Scorpion??

    Two of my plant's are putting out the same shape pod's.
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    Gator Wartryx or what?

    Does it have the pin's and needle's burn like a hab?
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    Gator Wartryx or what?

    Bet they would be good with cream cheese and bacon.
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    Life is like a box of chocolates...

    I would guess CPR or something like that.
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    Phantom Pepper

    Thank ya sir.
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    Phantom Pepper

    Just watched a video by Bishop Brad on youtube about the 'new' phantom pepper. It was grown out by Mike Hess. Check out the video, it's alright. He's a little goofy, and has a dallas cowboy puke can. Two pluses in my    No, I don't kno how to embed the video. Sorry ya'll.
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    not orange jalapeno

    Can not post pic's. I'll email them later
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    not orange jalapeno

    Yes same as you. They were even marked orange jalapeno. The third plant isn't podding yet. Have to wait and see on that one. I will try and get some pic's later. They might turn out to be a cool cross.
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    not orange jalapeno

    Got three from chiliplants myself. Two are starting to pod now. They look like the first pic you have up. Not sure what the third is going to look like.
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    Inside the Black Bhutlah Scorpion

    Not bad, lost about 70% of my upper level hot stuff. Friggin spring I should have some weird stuff to send you. Most of the plant's are throwing really different pod's. I'll send ya some pic's.    How goes your's so far?