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  1. frdlturner

    wanted Red Fresno Peppers

    I am looking for 3 lbs or so of Red Fresno Peppers. Would like to get from here rather than ebay or Amazon Thanks.
  2. frdlturner

    Hi from Spain

    Welcome I lived in Rota Spain 1974-1980 loved it there
  3. frdlturner

    seeds Thai Hot Seeds Thanks to Mr. Spezzano - Spezzano's Market

    PM sent. Thank you for the offer
  4. frdlturner

    wanted Wanted Seeds

    I'm not looking for anything specific, just want to get outside and grow
  5. frdlturner

    free FREE SEEDS

    Bou, interested in anything, not picky, just starting over, just let me know cost for supplies and shipping Thanks
  6. frdlturner

    wanted Wanted Seeds

    I want to get back into growing hot peppers, while sick my son accidentally burned my shack down lol it was funny cause he felt so bad about it, he made paths so I can get around in my wheelchair, so I can be outside, I am not looking for handouts, I will pay. Thank you all
  7. frdlturner

    wanted In search of Thai burapa yellow pepper seeds

    I'm looking for some Thai burapa yellow pepper seeds
  8. frdlturner

    Hello not been here for awhile

    Hello not been here for awhile, list my wife to cancer Oct 2018 and last year I got sick was in hospital two weeks then went to Arkansas for four months for rehab. I'm better now and ready to start growing peppers, I'm starting over while sick my son caught some grass on fire and burnt down my...
  9. frdlturner

    Navy VQ-2 Rota Spain 74-80

    Navy VQ-2 Rota Spain 74-80
  10. frdlturner

    IOS Capsicum annuum Chimayo

    Looking to buy seeds of Capsicum annuum Chimayo thanks
  11. frdlturner

    plant BBM Pepper plants one is different

    Some are green some are purple
  12. frdlturner

    plant BBM Pepper plants one is different

    I bought 6 BBM pepper plants they all are producing peppers that are the same but one plant they are different here's a picture the bottom ones are the same on the plants but one is putting off the red one at the since BBM seems to not be stabilized yet could this be a throw off
  13. frdlturner

    Instant Pot

    I have a different brand mine is 13 qts I love it for example I can put frozen chicken breast in it with seasonings and veggies and its done in 45 min  
  14. frdlturner

    Ghost Pepper ?

    Here is a picture of them ripe they are a lot bigger than cayenne hotter too also I got this box of ghost peppers and yellow fatallii from them today    
  15. frdlturner

    your best guesses

    looks ummy
  16. frdlturner

    D3monic's Crossing Project/Community Grow

    aji painapples looks a little like tabascos
  17. frdlturner

    pod It supposed to be 7 pot Katie, but what variety is it?

    maybe you discovered a white reaper
  18. frdlturner

    Happy Birthday Smokemaster Mike!

    Happy Birthday