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    soil Stunted plants

    Not that I think this is what caused it, but pH should be closer to 6.5 for soil, they usually have buffers in the soil also. Overwatering them will stunt them, maybe the new soil had more moisture retaining materials? I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Fox Farm Grow Big and Tiger Bloom nutes.
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    Smoke Somethin

    How ya doing now, sitting pretty? Stoked for the bull run again.
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    seeds Buying good seed. ships internationally according to their site. Good luck, definitely avoid amazon. Edit: So does Texas Hot Peppers, I have ordered seeds from both spots.
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    It's too hot here

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    legal Fermentation records

    But who will be the Mayor?
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    Ayxan is at The Hot Pepper

    Hello, Ayxan from Azerbaijan. I am Ryan from Colorado.
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    legal Fermentation records

    Take em to Flavor Town ™
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    Welcome! Does anyone know if a hot sauce counts as a "Pickled fruits and vegetables with a finished equilibrium pH of 4.6 or below." product? If so, it can be produced under the Cottage Food Act. Notice that it specifically calls out pepper jams on the prohibited; "Pepper jelly or jams made...
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    My Name is Jeremy and I am a New Chili Head!

    Buckets will work, drill holes for drainage. Alternatively, there is the cloth bags that have handles if you need to move them around. BTW, I am growing the scotch bon and 7 pot chocolate from baker creek right now.
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    My Name is Jeremy and I am a New Chili Head!

    Are you starting indoors to move outside, or are you mostly confined inside like myself?
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    My Name is Jeremy and I am a New Chili Head!

    Another Coloradan, welcome!
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    My name is Marc.

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    Black Compass

    Been a little while since I updated this. Romanian Sweet are starting to ripen finally. Scotch bonnet is doing well. I culled both of the Sugar Rush Peach and drastically chopped a few down. Working on not overwatering them so theyre bouncing back. A good few of these will move outside whenever...
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    health Why are my seedlings falling over?

    It is, I believe it was a Pumpkin BBG7. I repotted them today. This is on my Dragon's Breath
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    health Why are my seedlings falling over?

    no drama here though . Anyone know if magpies will eat peppers off the plant? Do I need a bird net? :)
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    health Why are my seedlings falling over?

    I bury my stems on all my plants, is this not roots coming from the side of the stem?
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    “Okay, I reckon the hare gets fucked”

    Looks great! A party in that cup.
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    Fun with AI

    "photo realistic image of a restaurant kitchen preparing chili peppers for dinner"
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    Fun with AI

    No problem for me. For MidJourney when you type a prompt it will generate 4 types of images and from there you can narrow it down what style you want it to continue with. The "U" upscales that image, and the "V" creates a subtle or large variation of that image style.
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    flavor What would be your Greatest Hits of pepper flavors?

    Hope your germ rates are better than mine from Puckerbutt. I think my seeds got nuked in a hot car sitting in SC somewhere, they "disappeared" for awhile off of USPS tracking right after they were accepted before they left that region. I got a fat goose egg from that cycle.