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  1. DevilsEyes

    Dehydrator death! Any good ones out there under 100 bucks

    All the ones under 100 bucks will keep on getting killed!
  2. DevilsEyes

    consistency How to thicken your sauce up?

    Depends on how much sauce u want to make, but I'd take a bit of cornstarch and dissolve it in COLD water and add that to the boiling hotsauce till it thickens up.
  3. DevilsEyes

    November Maxim Magazine

    My face starts burning just thinking of them :)
  4. DevilsEyes

    omnomnomnom hungarian hot wax

    Very nice looking pepper!! Was it as tasty as it looks too?
  5. DevilsEyes


    looks like a brainstrain yellow but with less dimples on it
  6. DevilsEyes

    free Love this place give away- free beer

      True, I can smell u over here :P     Looks like dushanbe or shatili
  7. DevilsEyes

    Topping Your Plants?

      Completeley true
  8. DevilsEyes

    how do I get the frigg'n pourer off the bottle? (... and the pepper in?)

      try to dip the plastic part of the bottle in hot water for 30 seconds (just under boiling point, so the plastic gets softer). Then use a warm towel (so it doesent rapidly cool and u dont burn yourself) to yank the suckr off. I had this problem a few days ago too :) worked just fine for me! It...
  9. DevilsEyes

    Mango chili sauce

  10. DevilsEyes

    300 Young People's Lives

    Such a$$holes... I'd also be on a war path when they would do this to us...
  11. DevilsEyes

    Hahaha!!....You guys HAVE to see this!

        After that u wouldent want her to give u (chile)head :rofl: :hot: :hot: :hot: :high:
  12. DevilsEyes

    GTA V

                To everybody who likes to know more about GTA V gameplay, missions and 100% checklist here is the link to my personal skydrive where u will find the GTA Bradyguide (official GTA V walktrough book of 436 pages 112Mb) Feel free to download, I personaly guarantee its virus/malware free...
  13. DevilsEyes

    Last Post Wins!!!

    Never ending story
  14. DevilsEyes

    GTA V

    Yup, another GTA freak over here!!   Got it at the night opening and scince today all main line missions are finished. Awesome game for sure, graphics rock and the gameplay rules, best game ever made (hope GTA VI will be even better!) U can find me in the social club (name :  DevilsEyes78  )  ...
  15. DevilsEyes

    Ghost-face like Ghost pepper

      Well actually the should be Bhut jolokia yellow but they turn red... So I'm wondering myself what exactley they are. Scince I never had the privilege of tasting a real bhut I really cant say what they are, ridiculusly hot they are for sure. But I personally dont think they are in the 1,000,000...
  16. DevilsEyes

    My dogs have turned into pepper heads

    OOOOMMMGGGG thats a HUUUUGE Jalapeno u got there!!!   Btw, keep your dogs away from your peppers cause Capsaicin is absoluteley NOT good for them (toxic for dogs! As it induces transient tachycardia and hypertension). I cant find the article anymore  but my sister in law is a vet and told me...
  17. DevilsEyes

    Can somebody help identify this pepper

      Still not turning.... Still waiting impatiently... Aaaaarghhh :P Will update soon!
  18. DevilsEyes

    Hahaha!!....You guys HAVE to see this!

    YUK, wouldent want her over to dinner fo sure! Funny as hell tho :rofl:
  19. DevilsEyes

    Ghost-face like Ghost pepper

    Here's a pic from a Ghostly appearance in my Ghost peppers, I call him Casper :rofl: