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  1. Cap'n Bones

    Two Word Turd

    no beer
  2. Cap'n Bones

    Two Word Turd

    Except when
  3. Cap'n Bones

    Finally A Forum For Me

    Welcome Aboard THE HOT PEPPER...from Cape Fear! Yo Ho, Cap'n
  4. Cap'n Bones

    Finefinefine. I submit. There are seasonal beers.

    Finally Buddah says something that I agree with! Yes COLD Pabst Blue Ribbon in bottles is great any time of the year! I mean, how many brewers can actually say that about their brew. FooFoo brewers are incapapable of making an all season brew so they are forced to make seasonal brews. :P PBR =...
  5. Cap'n Bones

    event Jungle Jim's 2rd Annual Weekend of Fire

    Well, maybe the waist size is the same, but I'd probably have to argue about the length because I'm sure that there is no comparison. :cool:
  6. Cap'n Bones

    event Jungle Jim's 2rd Annual Weekend of Fire

    OooOOOOoH really? Hmmmm, seems like I remember you stuffin' dolla bills into my pocket for PBR's. I tried to give them to ya, but nooo, you demanded to pay. :cheers:
  7. Cap'n Bones

    event Jungle Jim's 2rd Annual Weekend of Fire

    Be careful what you ask for there admin...Have I ever mentioned that I collect banners? :whistle:
  8. Cap'n Bones

    event Jungle Jim's 2rd Annual Weekend of Fire

    Yup! It be the Cap'n! Hope yer do'n well there Admin. You really need to make the trip to JJ's if'n at all possible.
  9. Cap'n Bones

    event Jungle Jim's 2rd Annual Weekend of Fire

    Thanks for reminding me! I need to find out if JJ's has PBR in bottles...:cheers:
  10. Cap'n Bones

    event Jungle Jim's 2rd Annual Weekend of Fire

    Cap'n Bones will be in attendance.
  11. Cap'n Bones

    CahJohn & the '10'

    Oh I've just been terrorizing the high seas. You know the usual pirate kind of fun. Plunder'n, fight'n, drink'n, beat'n the crew, etc...Hope the Ohio crew is treat'n you well. Maybe we'll get to meet at JJ's in August. I'm hoping to make it there this year.
  12. Cap'n Bones

    New Chile Site :D

    My humble opinion is that the site looks really sterile. You need to add some earthy tones to mello the brightness. Otherwise, considering the small amout of content, you have a great idea, but be prepared for alot of time consuming work. Best wishes, Cap'n
  13. Cap'n Bones

    CahJohn & the '10'

    Here's my suggestion for 3 more of the CaJohn products that are well balanced, with intense heat and flavor, without the extract crap taste that the extract based sauces have. 1. Fatalii Fire...Heavy Fatalii flavor, sharp burn. 2. Talon...Very nice mix of Red Savina and Fatalli, burn lingers...
  14. Cap'n Bones

    hot-sauce Good general use hotsauce wanted

    Whoa! Can't say that I didn't try. Good luck! In the real world, a 5 fluid oz "glass" bottle of hot sauce to the Netherlands from the US via USPS, sorry to say, will cost you more than 6USD! A plastic bottle in an envelope? Are you serious? :lol: 99% of the sauces produced in the US will be in...
  15. Cap'n Bones

    hot-sauce Good general use hotsauce wanted

    Many thanks for the plug guys! It's always nice to hear feedback from regular users. :) Coop, the shipping cost to the Netherlands from my location is approx $25.00usd for 1 5oz bottle. That is the actual rate from the US postal service. I agree that the rate is quite expensive for 1 bottle, but...
  16. Cap'n Bones

    Greetings from North Carolina

    Welcome Aboard! Hey take the short trip to Wilmington and visit Fire & Spice in the Cotton Exchange. Great little hot shop!
  17. Cap'n Bones

    event Kato's 2008 contest

    Hey Mick, Glad to hear that yer still pressin forward with the contest! The wife wants to enter with her Buccaneer Bites again. Will there be a category for Sweets w/heat this year?
  18. Cap'n Bones

    Hello from Brisbane Australia

    Welcome Aboard Mick! Cap'n
  19. Cap'n Bones

    Gatlinburg Pepper Palace?

    Yo staffing! I'm in Gatlinburg...I'll shoot ya an email.
  20. Cap'n Bones

    event Cap'n Bones and Chili Man take home some hardware!

    Thanks!!!! Congrats to you as well Vic. I need to get my claws on yer products. I'd like to try some...You coming to the beach anytime soon? It was a shocker when I received word of the contest results. It's been almost 4yrs of walkin a fine line in keeping the Red Savina recipe basic, but...