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    misc Interest in 1.7 Fl. Oz. (50ml) woozies????

    looks like from the picture that the bottles are glass.. I have been using as does one of my co-packers, 1.5 oz hot fill plastic 'nip' bottles. I was getting mine from SKS Bottle online. 48 bottles with tamper resistant cap(seals when applied)$16.80. Shipping is fairly cheap as well. Just an...
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    Food Liability Insurance

    Have mine through The Hartford. $4 million as most larger distributors and chains look for at least 2. $550 for the year and includes workers comp(needed by some chains) and damage, theft and loss for warehousing.
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    event Zest Fest or Fiery Foods Show?

    Leaving Monday with a truck load of all goodies for a two day drive to Plano where the hotel is. Looking forward to all of the fun as I get to watch all the suffering from across the isle ate the DEFCON booth...
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    misc How to make a nutritional information panel

    Last time I checked via Nc State Ag Dept and the FDA, most of those is not all of the simple "DIY" panels are for baking items only and is not permitted on items that fall under "acidic" or "non-acidic" food items such as sauces. You would need to have a licensed lab such as a University or...
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    bottles-jars Where do you get your 5 Oz woozy bottles from & lowest cost

    Richards of Memphis if you are ordering a fair amount. For special items we produce in small batches, I gte from them as does my co packer. I get delivered for $.20 includes cap and my shipping cost
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    event Zest Fest or Fiery Foods Show?

    No more bouncing!!! Our presence will be felt!! now to gear up for the 18 hour drive...
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    event Zest Fest or Fiery Foods Show?

    Still bouncing the idea of going around in my head. The idea of zest Fest over the other this year is too much to compare, and as a company, we have been around a few years doing the smaller shows and really want to get our "Cherry Popped" at something good to help complete the knowledge of our...
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    co-packer Western bottlers or co-packer

    Any one know of a good and consistent co-packer/bottler that can handle bot large and small orders and has the ability to actually source products and not just some here and there. Would be great if near the Texas/Rocky Mtn region to service our west coast expansion for both of our sauce lines...
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    overwintering Transplanting from garden to pot for winter

    Ok, so I have been grow plants outside for several years now and am now looking to see if it would be possible to winterize plants from the garden to an indoor growing area. Has anyone done a "reverse' style transplant from outside to in? I have several plants, like 60 from bhuts to scorpions...
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    Trin. Scorpions growth

    first year growing some Trinidad scorpions and am wondering about flowering and fruit growth to anyone who has grown in past. Plants are huge, 3-4 ft high at around 18"-24" around, but have only seen a few flowers and no fruit as of yet. My bhuts and fatalis are same size and are already...
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    co-packer Which Co-Packer do you use?

    No, they are based out of St Pete in FLA. Not happy with my current packer and would like someone that is willing to have business...
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    co-packer Which Co-Packer do you use?

    Oh, and I am really looking for a company that has a great track record with consistency and REALLY good communication.
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    co-packer Which Co-Packer do you use?

    I am looking to possibly change co-packers for our sauces do to sooo many reasons, but does anyone who is currently using a packer have a favorite? Endorphin Farms, Stage Coach Sauces, etc? Would racther not have to travel more than a simple days drive from the east coast to get there.
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    labels race City 4 Year Reserve label

    We are set to release a limited amount of our 4 year whisky barrel aged pepper sauce that many had the pleasure to enjoy at Peppers at the Beach. We are set to release the first few bottles at the next Weekend of Fire at Jungle Jims in july. Below is a draft of a simple and small label that...
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    misc Name suggestions!!!

    I was also looking at 12 oz sizes just for that sauce to along and match the size of our marinade
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    marketing T-Shirt Printing

    Looking for any good contacts people have for reasonably priced printing for t-shirts. Seen the web based sites, but that requires giving of a body part for shirts of a certain quality and quantity.
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    misc Name suggestions!!!

    Oh, I got gallons!! :shocked:
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    misc Name suggestions!!!

    Thanks all. The new "warmer" jolokia based 98 Octane series has taken off very well especially the Intimidator as has the Absinthe based Green Fairy. I was not pleased enough with the last couple of test batches of the jerk, so I am refining it to get it to that perfect balance of flavor and...
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    Race City in GQ

    Yeah right! My skinny white ass just screams out spicy yuppie cool. Although it has been a small dream of mine...
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    Race City in GQ

    Look for Race City Sauce Works soon in an upcoming issue of GQ and!!! :cool: