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  1. Kavon

    storage Best Method to Freeze For Later Processing

    So through the years I’ve tried so many methods, finding out that all freezers are really not the same. I was curious to know what method has been your best for prolonged life of fresh peppers. Do you vacuum seal whole, or process without seeds then seal? I would love to hear everyone’s...
  2. Kavon

    contest Gnarliest Pod! September 2022

    Dragons Breath 2022
  3. Kavon

    Greetings and Salutations

    I wanted to take a couple minutes to introduce myself. I have been growing various peppers for a couple of decades now. My favorite of all would be the Habanero - orange of course. I LOVE the Habanada that is heatless, and have also enjoy, Bhut and Carolina Reapers - in moderation 😎 the...