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  1. spicefreak

    strangest ingredient in your hot sauce?

    Nah, szechuan peppercorns have a uniquely anaesthetic heat to them, which is why they're commonly paired with chilli in chinese cuisine. Less ability to feel with your tongue means less sensation of heat and, by extension, opens up more room for enjoyment of the chilli's flavour. I'd imagine...
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    The spicy Snickers, however, taste awful. Just so fake. Steer clear!

    The spicy Snickers, however, taste awful. Just so fake. Steer clear!
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    The spicy Skittles aren't amazing but they're not bad, either. Decent late heat, a bit stronger...

    The spicy Skittles aren't amazing but they're not bad, either. Decent late heat, a bit stronger than I was expecting but nothing major, as well as some pleasant tropical flavours.
  4. spicefreak

    hot-sauce Nando's Peri Peri hot sauce

    Personally, I like their "Vusa" (the hottest) rather more than their other "hot" ones but I would agree that, in general, I prefer the taste of their mild items. They overrate everything a little, in my opinion, but their black label "extra extra" is at least hot by restaurant standards and the...
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    hybrid What happens when you breed copyrighted peppers?

      Pale Projectile Peppers!
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    Variegated Superhot?

    Closest I've seen is the Pink Tiger but only its peppers are variegated and that's only with perfect genetics.
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    Differences in Fidalgo, and Fidalga Roxa peppers ?

    Purple noble, yeah. My last look at the name meaning seemed to suggest that fidalgo was more or less a genderless term and only used a male ending because there wasn't a neutral one and most of those it would describe (at the time it was coined) were male. Which would make sense, given how many...
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    Name ONE humorous or strange pepper name

    Not Bubblebutt? Or would that be too confusing with the way people mispronounce Bhut?
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    Pepper X

    People will work with it and make delicious things with it, if given a reason, but, so far, Pepper X has proven to be neither especially good nor bad in taste, IMO. Simply different to the more common supers. I see no particular reason to go for it on flavour grounds, over the countless other...
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    Pepper X

    I will say, also, that the Pink Tiger (same parents as "The Pain") didn't hit me anywhere near as hard. Its heat took after its Ghost parents. It takes a special blend of annuum capsaicinoid production and chinense production levels to really get the job done.   Do you two also find a certain...
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    Pepper X

    If straight pain is what you're after, you don't even want a pure chinense, IMO. The stinging heat of an annuum or bacatum is, scoville for scoville, significantly harder to endure, meaning that chinense annuum crosses like the various Bhut de Neyede strains can be absolutely unbearable when...
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    Pepper X

      I don't even understand why people see Ed as a reliable source at this point. Any degree of reading around will tell you that other chilli farms have far more consistent Reapers than he does. If I'm gonna get ripped off buying Pepper X seeds, at least I can claim that I did it first by going...
  13. spicefreak

    Pepper X

      That was one guy involved with it misinterpreting warnings about possible allergic reactions to (all) peppers. The truth of the matter is that it's brutally hot but also far from stable and years off being consistent enough to claim a record, whether it's hotter than the Reaper or not.   So...
  14. spicefreak

    Pepper X

      If Ed was living in reality, we'd never've seen a "Pepper X" to begin with. It only got announced when he saw Dragon's Breath as a threat and we all knew that that was dodgey from the get go.
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    Pepper X

      Oh, I don't disagree. I'm just trying to point out that the idea of him having hotter isn't new, even if it is highly improbable.
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    Pepper X

      He's been saying since day 1 that nobody should bother trying to beat the X because he's got a 5.3 million variety in reserve just in case.Rumours say it's brown.
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    Pepper X

    I bought some seeds to test. 90+% sure that they're fake but we'll see. So far none have even germinated.
  18. spicefreak didn't until it was too late. didn't until it was too late.
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    Pusa Jwala?

    Thanks, dude. I suspect that the Jwala is just a shorthand that some people and companies use but I'm not entirely sure. Either way, though, the pepper looks damn near identical so it's good to havethe confirmation of what it is.
  20. spicefreak

    Pusa Jwala?

    A jewish friend of mine handed me a bag of peppers with a couple of these in recently, apparently grown by one of her relatives. They all seemed to be fairly standard varieties so, between the indian annuum appearance and fruity undertones (which might possibly resemble apple peel), I'm thinking...