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  1. bhut camp

    What is the best tasting Aji Pepper?

    Guaramal,Aji mango round,Aji jobito,aji limon,peppadew.......
  2. bhut camp

    flavor Tastiest pepper?

    I absolutely love the round pheno of aji mango!Sb7j red is another favorite of mine for middle of the road heat.For superhots I still am partial to the chocolate bhutlah sm.
  3. bhut camp

    wanted Looking for a few varieties

    pm sent
  4. bhut camp

    Couple of new sauces

    Very nice man! Both sound legit.
  5. bhut camp

    wanted WTB aleppo pods

    As the title implies, I am looking for a mfrb of fresh aleppo pods.Message me if you can help me out
  6. bhut camp

    On Cutlery ...

    I absolutely love Tojiro cutlery! I have the pro, wa, damascus pro, and flash.Excellent quality
  7. bhut camp

    wanted Looking for some seeds..

  8. bhut camp

    review I Review 'Dia Del Perro' By Lucky Dog

    Excellent review!
  9. bhut camp

    Pure Evil Dill Pickles

    Let a batch sit for a year and they will be epic!
  10. bhut camp

    Pure Evil Dill Pickles

    Sounds killer minus the alum.Not a fan of cancer:) I have switched to using grape leaves and am quite happy with the crunch it provides
  11. bhut camp

    Must Have Pepper

    Yeah man, I can hook you up with some!
  12. bhut camp


    Great offer!
  13. bhut camp

    Happy Birthday Cappy

    Happy birthday!
  14. bhut camp

    Happy Birthday D3monic!!!

    Happy birthday. Enjoyyyyy!
  15. bhut camp

    Must Have Pepper

    For taste it's aji mango hands down! I also enjoy SB7J, peach scorpanero,bishop's crown,farmers market jalapeno, guarmal, aleppo, and aji limon/aji pineapple for their flavor. For heat, I love the chocolate bhutlah sm