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  1. Ballzworth

    Madhatter's 2011 garden

    awesome to see the chocolate scorps turning out so well and the primo's are crazy looking. The barrackpore X brain had some great heat when we tried it...good flavour too. September already. We'll hang out soon before the plants start giving up on us.
  2. Ballzworth

    Beaglestorm vs. Patrick's Box of Pain

    awesome reviews and descriptions. It was great to see someone test the Madballz! Can't wait to see the Primo.
  3. Ballzworth

    Madhatter's 2011 garden

    Awesome man! Great to see you got your pics uploaded. Those plants are unbelievable. And that primo is insane!! Crazy looking Madballz...gotta love that one. Also great to be over and sample the sunrise scorp and your brain strain / barrackpore cross....that was seriously hot!
  4. Ballzworth

    Silver_Surfer's season starts

    as with every year, your garden is unbelievable. always blows my mind!
  5. Ballzworth

    Patrick's 2011 Grow Log

    Hey Patrick. Long time no talk!!! It's been a while since I've checked in but I'm still growing lots of peppers and having a great year. Awesome that you're having a great year as well. And of course I've got the Madballz going! Great to see yours are turning out so well. It's a killer...
  6. Ballzworth


    awesome pics. love that mound of bhuts. how many plants you got going on?
  7. Ballzworth

    event Toronto Hot+Spicy Festival (Aug 13-15)

    i'm glad you told me about that. very close to could I miss it? gotta love that advertisement picture too! ha ha....what could that possibly be implying?? :oops:
  8. Ballzworth

    Shading chinense

    I always found that 6 hours of sun is the perfect amount. I have chineses that are doing great with as little as 2 - 3 hours (probably because the heat and sun this summer has been really great, and consistent). Since we've had so much sun this season and it's been very dry (especially here)...
  9. Ballzworth

    2010 Grow Thread Begins

    definitely looking good considering. very good! can't argue with those results! is that the bhut that's touching the roof? they were really pushing to get as tall as possible weren't they? good stuff.
  10. Ballzworth


    my favorite part of the video was the suggestion to put Cannibal Corpse on! Cool Deftones track though. Hard to make out what exactly was happening, but it looks intense none the less. hopefully more to come in the future.
  11. Ballzworth

    CMPMAN1974's 2010 Growing Log

    really cool and interesting pods. Is that Yaki Blue ripening or are the unripe pods that color? I'm curious to see what color your mustard habs turn. great pics!
  12. Ballzworth

    Ballzworth 2010 Grow Log

    thanks sky, orange habs may be the overly common pepper but that orange color really stands out since there aren't many orange style peppers. anything that may catch your eye, just let me know and I'll get you some seeds. your yellow devil's tongue that you sent me is producing like mad right...
  13. Ballzworth

    Silver Surfer's 2010 Grow

    yet another mountain of fire. that's just impressive. how many staff do you have working for you? :lol:
  14. Ballzworth

    Ballzworth 2010 Grow Log

    thanks. yeah, sauces and concentrates are the main things I make, but you can only have so many bottles of sauces on standby. Especially when they're made from scorps, 7s or bhuts!
  15. Ballzworth

    Ballzworth 2010 Grow Log

    Large Harvest Today. Could have went on and on, but I ran out of patience. I'm really going to need to invest in a stand alone freezer! I don't mind drying to make powers, but it's not my preference. left to right: top row - carribean reds, mustard hab, tasmanian hab, aji limon middle row -...
  16. Ballzworth

    Orange 7 pot/pod F1

    awesome you got an orange color, and was without relying on an orange hab. a mix of 2 7's! really impressive. The fact that the rusty 7 is part of that mix scares me man! you could have a true winner there. can't wait to see the progress.
  17. Ballzworth

    Sky's 2010 season.

    those are great pics Sky. Ripening pod porn is the best time of year! that bhut looks amazing. very gnarly indeed.
  18. Ballzworth

    Freezing Jalapenos???

    yeah freezing is definitely not optimal, but drying or freezing is all we can do with our excess peppers and it works well. What I usually do is make a concentrate from the fresh pods and a bit of vinegar then freeze bottle/jars of it. That seems to work for me and then I'll use it to make...
  19. Ballzworth

    hot-sauce Iguana Radioactive Atomic Pepper Sauce

    agreed. not super hot or anything, but a really nice sauce. excellent flavour.
  20. Ballzworth

    WGB's grow season 2010

    looks really great! love those badass looking scorpions!!