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    DWC raft lettuce grow

    I wanted to try this after seeing pictures of a few systems that looked enticing, not to mention inexpensive to build and relatively easy to maintain. Found a cheap source for Styrofoam (a Drywall company), had a 24x30" box and some 4-mill plastic to line it with. I also have several shop...
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    My raised bed at the Fair grounds

    As some of you may recall, last year my fair project was constructing a raised bed on an asphalt parking lot and then trying to grow about 25 different veggies, usually two or more varieties of each. It did great until the heat and drought hit. Except for the cotton, my harvest was non-existent...
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    organic Best off the shelf organics?

    I am a huge fan (and becoming more so) of Espoma's line. I use Tomato- or Garden-Tone as the base. After the plants have a good start, I mix one of those with some blood meal and sidedress. A couple of weeks later, same thing. When the plants are about to bloom I switch to TT or GT but instead...
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    Got my lease today

    The only thing growing on that piece of ground these days are the grass and number of truck loads of dirt! Mostly a matter of facing reality - that being it was going to take hours to till enough space for 100 tomatoes and even then, the ground would still have more than enough rocks. This...
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    I think I'm finished sowing/planting stuff

    OK, at least for the spring planting. I'm out of room but later this summer or fall, I'll replace lot of plants. This is what I have so far: Acorn Squash - 15 Hot Peppers - 30 Onions - 20 Strawberries - 140 Potatoes - 100 Green Beans (KY Blue pole) - 450 Tomatoes - 140 Romaine Lettuce - 120...
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    AJs Backyard Pepper Porn Photo Tour 06-06-11

    AJ, Nothing wrong with salvaging plants! Linda wanted some flowers/plants to finish her garden (it's the one in front of the house) and she wanted marigolds. I had planted two hop rhizomes in the very back, three butterfly vines in front of those, sowed Double Bloom Azaleas between her daisies...
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    AJs Backyard Pepper Porn Photo Tour 06-06-11

    AJ, Looking very nice and love the irrigation system. Nothing wrong with the grass - I would prefer it since it would help shade the containers. Question about the cayennes - they look like they are missing their bottom leaves. Intentional or just their growth habit? Mike
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    colour temp vs wattage

    Why not put the newly germinated seedlings in the GH to start with? It won't hurt them - I did about half of mine that way. Saves money, creates stronger plants, helps them grow quicker. Mike
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    favorite What is YOUR Favorite Tomato for taste?

    For juice, I have not found any tomato that can hold a candle to Red Zebra. Production, taste, amount of juice... it comes in first in all three categories. If I had to pick a mater for salsa, it would be Green Sausage. Next to zero seeds and juice, very prolific, takes up a small footprint...
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    Got my lease today

    Tim, That site is undergoing "renovation." The bottom line is I found a rock too big to move, or in this case, too many to do anything with. No body was willing to risk their plows to turn the ground or their tillers to churn it up. No one has a disk that will do much more than cut 1/2 deep...
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    shopping Should i buy this?

    NO - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Sorry for yelling but the very last type of light to use to raise seedlings is a HPS. The plants will be extremely leggy. Mike
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    lighting Battery Backup for Indoor Lighting

    I had some decent size (~2') peppers go 3+ days without light a couple years ago when Cincinnati had a hurricane pass through (just the wind - sustained at 74 mph) and they didn't suffer. Mike
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    misc Better production using science

    I am not a Master Gardener. I do not have a degree in anything related to agriculture. The following may be an abuse of electrons. But it may prove useful. For the past three years, I have been trying to learn the science behind growing plants. Not that there is anything wrong with "stick them...
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    Nuggets in the Mail!

    I needed some unique plants for this season and decided to go with hops. The ones I got are Nugget - apparently great for pale ales. Two of them will go in front of my house, behind some hummingbird vines (also massive plants!) and two will go in my raised bed at the Fairgrounds. At both places...
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    Anyone own an Ambient Weater Station?

    It arrived today and is transmitting data as it should, though I need to locate a compass and set the directions for wind. The one thing I have not been able to figure out is how to upload the date to Wunderground. DLed all kinds of software but haven't got over this last task. Mike
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    First ripe strawberry of the season

    My Alpine are also starting to ripen. I only have maybe 14-16 plants but those things are loaded. Much to my surprise, I transplanted a bunch of TriStar berries a couple of weeks ago - two of them already have berries on them. Mike
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    Ordered some fruits and berries

    highalt, I hope I have the patience to wait on the trees to produce fruit. One thing that may make the time shorter is the trees, at least the cherry trees I ordered earlier, are decent size - 4' or more above the graft. My apple trees are later summer - the Dayton is suppose to bloom in...
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    drying Dehydrating fruit

    Yeah, I should have said 59ยข/lb. based on pre-drying rate. :lol: In a year or three, when my trees, bushes and plants start producing decent-size crops, whatever I don't sell at a Market I could dehydrate. Ohio still has stupid laws: I can dry peppers, grind them up, mix them (varieties as...
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    drying Dehydrating fruit

    Nifty! That thing looks like it would dry a bushel or more of produce. Mike
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    drying Dehydrating fruit

    salsalady, Good news, bad news. I learned to replace the screens in the trays (I use window screen) as pepper do somehow tend to leave some residue behind. Ever had a dried banana flavored with 7-pods? 135 works great, but I learned not to slice or dice stuff near as thinly. Unless the...