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  1. sudostahp

    dehydrators Is this a good dehydrator?

    I have a couple of the square versions. No complaints!
  2. sudostahp

    There's a new texas beat down en route. Hopefully it'll lighten up a bit by the time it reaches us.

    There's a new texas beat down en route. Hopefully it'll lighten up a bit by the time it reaches us.
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    wanted ISO Shabu Shabu

    That should do it. PM me your mailing address when you get the chance.
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    wanted ISO Shabu Shabu

    I have about two dozen this year. They're all small, but cover postage and I'll mail you one.
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    indoor Shelves for Indoor grow

    I use these shelves. They're a little heavy to move around often, but they're good quality for the cost.
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    free CLOSED! Free! Anyone still need seeds?

    Chupetinho Donne sali 7 Pot Jonah Looking for anything in particular?
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    Interesting. $5 flat rate shipping as well. I may pull the trigger on this one.
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    hot-sauce Anyone tried Black Label Reserve El Yucateco Sauce?

    Looks like a new offering. I haven't seen it in stores yet, but I'll look for it this weekend. Thanks for the heads-up!   As for the lead, it was trace amounts in a small sampling of one flavor. I'm not going to say that any amount of lead is healthy, but given the amount of produce from across...
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    Wish I had a Woodie

    I stop by the The Shed every time I head over to the beach in Alabama or Florida. Their ribs are fantastic.
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    Give-away - Winner Announced

    200   Nice looking jars!
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    make your own damn box o' pods!**closed**

    Received box today. Still on fire.
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    Small Flat Rate Box, USPS shipping method

    Small Flat Rate Box, USPS shipping method
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    Fox Farm user's sound off..

      Use as-is. I add a couple drops of Super Thrive and Grow Big every week until they go outside permanently, but I don't mix the ProMix with anything.
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    Fox Farm user's sound off..

    Ocean Forest burned me once with fungus gnats, but I really like Light Warrior for starting seeds. I always use Sunshine #4 or ProMix BX when moving to 3" pots.
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    What are some nice flavorful peppers to use practically in food for the average person?

    If you're looking for New Mex varities, I would definitely recommend John @ Midwest Chile Heads   Lots of peppers on the lower end of the heat spectrum.
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    Shabu Shabu! SASBE & SFRB Offer

    Germination test up!
  17. sudostahp

    Trunk Shabu, Germination and Beyond - Day 1

    Started five trays of the Shabu this evening for a germination test. Each tray is vendor specific, and each cell contains two seeds. The starting mix is Fox Farms Light Warrior.   My heat mat will only cover three trays at once, these are all going to germinate in hard mode.   Taking pictures...